I Learned to Ride a Bicycle!

I knew about the free 'how to ride a bicycle for adults' classes offered by Bike NY on the weekends. But I worked on those days, and it was difficult to take the days off.  It was important to me that I learn to ride before I turn 26, so I arranged not to work this past Saturday. As it turned out, I quit on Friday the 10th and there I was with more Saturdays to play with!

I went to the Bike NY stand at the Summer Streets Fair on my first available Saturday, and learned I must enroll through their website in order to secure a place in their classes. I went home, put myself on their waiting list for the following Saturday, and waited with fingers crossed. I got in! But I woke up to a wet morning on the day of my class. I thought the class would be cancelled, yet I went. I am crazy like that. I was in for luck! Though the class was officially cancelled, the instructor was willing to teach all those who came. As long as we didn't mind the rain, of course, none of us did! I was wet and cold by the end of the two-hour class, my balance was decent, but I could not pedal. About ten people left the class knowing how to ride. About four of us left with just a good idea of balancing. Good thing I had registered for the 25th as well!

This past Saturday's class took place at Pier 57. The location was bigger than where I had learn the previous Saturday. About an hour into the class, my balancing was almost effortless so when the pedals came on, I went flying! Well, not onto the ground, but pedaling without much effort. My face broke into this enormous smile I had done it. I can freaking ride a bike! Gosh!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Hint: It may be beneficial to any adult who can't ride and wish to learn to understand that balancing really well, is key. Once you've gotten that, the rest is ice-tea on a humid day. Really, if you are very good at staying balanced on your bike, it's more easier to give yourself that second or two, to find that pedal with your legs and not look down. Don't look down :)


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