Graduate School, Here I Come!

Does it feel like the days are pushing through the wind like an eager space shuttle? It feels like that to me. I am getting older by the day. This, doesn't bother me. I am one of those people who keep forgetting how old they are, not intentionally, it just doesn't really matter. Life happens; you are in, then you are out. No need to worry about the age and the wrinkles. They will come when they want, and when they do I will know I have earned them!

But I do feel like the days are flying. There are things I have been meaning to do this summer, and I am yet to do a majority of them. In two weeks, grad school will start! Thoughts of grad school make me want to do cartwheels, jump into the ocean and splash the world, sing on the very apex of my lungs or just cry and laugh in a little ceremony of sheer foolishness. Only because I have been wanting, dreaming, hungry to go to grad school, like, forever! And now that it's almost here I am just soo excited, I get giddy when I think of this thing. The fact that I will be spending all my life on the freaking number 5 train to Flatbush isn't even a downer.

I can't wait to write papers and complain about them every step of the way. I can't wait to close read and argue with authors in my head, I can't wait to meet other people who think literature is just so yummy. It feels like I am going back home. It's been too long.


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