5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Stomach Flat

I have an impressive stomach. I should insert a picture so you can call me out on my boast!
There are a few simple (though very annoying, as new habits tend to be) things you can do to get a flat stomach, below are a few of my favorites:

1. Do not eat for a minimum of three hours before bed.  This is my biggest problem. Sometimes it's just so hard to do this. I get tempted to eat when I am bored, and if you must eat, then stuff your face with some fruits. But you will be very happy when you adhere to this rule because you always wake up with a flatter stomach!

2. If you eat meat for dinner, take a good walk before you retire for the night. Take a good walk anyways, if you can, get rid of all the stress you build up during the day!

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3. Eat loads of fruits. They digest fast. And they are yummy, oh sooooo yummy!

4. Eat at least five times a day. I eat about three good meals a day and go crazy on fruits between meals, or just for the heck of it. This helps quicken your metabolism. However, don't get crazy with your meals. Eat something healthy or eat with some respect for your body, not your taste buds. When I am good and I adhere to rule #1. I have a big breakfast. My lunch is always bigger than my dinner, though not always as calorie packed as my breakfasts! ;)

5. Drink that water. I know, it can be hard, but put a straw in it. I add a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to my first two cups (does wonders for my metabolism). Or sometimes a splash of lemon juice. For some reason, I find it easier to drink water with a straw than without.

And work out! But if you have too much stomach fat, it's hard to see all the beautiful muscles that a good work-out will reward your stomach, the above helps you get rid of that body fat, so your stomach muscles can shine through :D

Good Luck!


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