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Short Book Review: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

My copy of Lolita was bought used, why I am telling you this, I don't know. I thought it was on my semester's books required list. I was wrong. I kept it, still. This really was about three years ago. I had tried reading the book, but was embarrassed by good ol' Humbert into shutting the pages, and arranging it on my bookcase to collect fine dust. This summer, my eyes kept strolling to the copy. It seemed to say, just finish the book, you!  So I did. I think Nabokov a genius for this reason: writing in a style that makes  me compassionate for a pervert, and a rapist. My not wishing for him to pay for his crime, as he ought to is a little shocking to me. Usually I go to fiction for justice––perverts pay for their crimes, and the good girl gets the sexy boy! This satisfaction keeps me above the grasping zombies of a not so fair world. It's the reason why I couldn't continue reading Lolita a few years back. That, and the fact that I was slightly disgusted with m

Off Off Broadway Review: Cougar The Musical

Playing at the St. Luke's Theatre, is Cougar the Musical , by Donna Moore. I hesitate to write this review seeing that I am still uncertain what to say of it. I will make it short and in bullet points. + Cast of four: Lily - Catherine Porter, Clarity - Brenda Braxton, Mary-Marie - Babs Winn Buck (and many other men characters) - Danny Bernardy. Incidentally, Bernardy was the most entertaining cast. + Setting: NY City. + Briefing: three older women united in their search for self-acceptance. + " What do you call older men who go out with younger women? Men!" Therefore older women who go out with younger men should be referred to simply as women, too. Not cougars! I think that's the theme. But then it got confusing because the women in the play could only be free of the discriminating term after they had embraced it and then referred to themselves as cougars. So I am like ahem, ok, I do see the  COUGAR in COURAGE, but not the message in Cougar +  There wer

Diary | I Learned to Ride a Bicycle!

I knew about the free 'how to ride a bicycle for adults' classes offered by Bike NY  on the weekends. But I worked on those days, and it was difficult to take the days off. It was important to me, however, that I learn to ride before I turn 26, so I arranged not to work this past Saturday. As it turned out, I quit on Friday and there I am with more Saturdays to play with! I went to the Bike NY stand at the  Summer Streets Fair  on my first available Saturday and learned I must enroll through their website in order to secure a place in their classes. I went home, put myself on their waiting list for the following Saturday and waited with fingers crossed.  I got in! But I woke up to a wet morning on the day of my class. I thought the class would be cancelled, yet I went. I am crazy like that. I was in for luck! Though the class was officially cancelled, the instructor was willing to teach all those who came. As long as we didn't mind the rain. Of course, none of us did!

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Stomach Flat

I have an impressive stomach. I should insert a picture so you can call me out on my boast! There are a few simple (though very annoying, as new habits tend to be) things you can do to get a flat stomach, below are a few of my favorites: 1. Do not eat for a minimum of three hours before bed.  This is my biggest problem. Sometimes it's just so hard to do this. I get tempted to eat when I am bored, and if you must eat, then stuff your face with some fruits. But you will be very happy when you adhere to this rule because you always wake up with a flatter stomach! 2. If you eat meat for dinner, take a good walk before you retire for the night. Take a good walk anyways, if you can, get rid of all the stress you build up during the day! Photo Credit 3. Eat loads of fruits. They digest fast. And they are yummy, oh sooooo yummy! 4. Eat at least five times a day. I eat about three good meals a day and go crazy on fruits between meals, or just for the heck of it. This helps qu

Journal of an Aspiring Artist

I recently quit my job. I liked working there due to several appealing challenges it held for me.  It was different from anything I had done previously and I worked with a really cool team; but I was employed by a bully. I do not like being bullied. I think it's reasonable to call it quits when your employer refuses to pay your wages. That's just absurd. Scarlet by Jane Odartey Yes, it's hard times and jobs are like the proverbial needle in the haystack, but at a very early age I made a promise not to let quick-tempered men control my stress buttons. Money is important, in that it gives us that serene false sense of security. False because whether or not one has a job, money comes and goes as it pleases. Weird things happen, and we lose and gain everything, except to suffer the "what the heck am I going to do now?" feeling. My schedule's been cleared up for almost two weeks now, and I am back to that place I always go when I don't know what to do

Grad School Journal | Graduate School, Here I Come!

Does it feel like the days are pushing through the wind like an eager space shuttle? It feels like that to me. I am getting older by the day. This, doesn't bother me. I am one of those people who keep forgetting how old they are, not intentionally, it just doesn't really matter. Life happens; you are in, then you are out. No need to worry about the age and the wrinkles. They will come when they want, and when they do I will know I have earned them! Credit But I do feel like the days are flying. There are things I have been meaning to do this summer, and I am yet to do a majority of them. In two weeks, grad school will start! Thoughts of grad school make me want to do cartwheels; jump into the ocean and splash the world; sing on the apex of my lungs or just cry and laugh in a little ceremony of sheer foolishness. Only because I have been wanting, dreaming, hungry to go to grad school, like, forever! And now that it's almost here I am just soo excited, I get giddy when