Off Broadway Review: Voca People

By the time I got out of work on Sunday, I just wanted to go home, close my eyes and shut the world out in that unconscious state of sleep, however, I had a ticket to see Voca People. And I almost never say no to a good free ticket, not even if it is off-off Broadway. In this case it's just one "off." I slugged my way from the Upper West Side to the New World Stages on 340 West 50th St, certain that I will abhor what I assumed is an cappella performance.

To my surprise, I had a good time. The 90 minutes performance is without intermission and by the end of those minutes I was so happy I saw the show. It is funny and very entertaining: there were several moments I would describe as silly, but it was a good kind of silly that leaves one chuckling.

The story is simple: a bunch of white aliens who call themselves Voca People crash onto earth and are out of  fuel to go back home. Singing, they believe, will provide them with all the energy needed to go back home to their family. So they sing, and sing, and sing. But it wasn't all singing. There were several bits of entertaining performances which involved the audience.

I had fun, and I am glad I went. I would recommend this for kids but I observed a little girl who got scared by the performers' costumes so perhaps it is not a good idea for children under ten. Now if I had to pay for it would I still go? No, I won't. The price is too high for the entire package. Seeing that I am but a poor grad student and all.  But if I were making real good money then heck to the yes!


  1. The theatre is on the West Side of the City, not east :)


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