A Little Something To Ease Menstrual Cramps

When it cometh, it cometh with much anguish. I used to refuse to take painkillers.  Surely I can handle it...and my body will learn to stop producing all that pain? But menstrual cramps were never kind to me and I was forced to find a remedy. I wanted something as natural as possible because I have something of a paranoia when it comes to painkillers. I always think they are giving me some sort of cancer as they sneakily take our my aches :( . I read much about ginger tea, gave it a go and now I know it helps  so I'm passing the information on. I love to add some lavender to my ginger tea, it makes it the more soothing and helps relaxes me during those five weird days of the month. And I had jasmine flower for a little kick :)

All you need is fresh ginger. In my case I add half a teaspoon each of lavender flower, Jasmine flower and lemon juice (you can get the flowers from a tea shop), you may add honey if you wish.

- Bring water to boil
- Add finely chopped fresh ginger  to the boiling water
- Leave to boil for an additional two - three minutes
- Take  tea off the stove and add lavender and jasmine flower.
- Let flowers steep for  2 - 5 minutes
- Strain tea into mug, add lemon juice and drink away

Make a lot and drink about 3 - 4 cups a day for at least the first three days of your cycle. You would feel loads better.

Another way to make the tea is to:

- Bring water to boil then pour into a tea mug
- Put a teaspoon of finely chopped ginger into an infuser
- Add lavender and jasmine flower to the infuser
- Dip the infuser into your mug of hot water and leave to steep for a minimum of 5 mins
- Add lemon juice
- And your tea is ready to help get rid of those red-horned cramps!


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