Broadway Review: End Of The Rainbow

A fan of  Judy Garland? Then you would probably love this exciting new play by Peter Quilter, and directed by Terry Johnson. I experienced this beautiful play at the Belasco Theatre at 8pm on Friday the 30th of March. Yes, I am aware it's a century past and I should have written this review a long time ago. Forgive me if you can.

End of The Rainbow is played by an excellent cast; especially Tracie Bennett as Ms. Garland. Anthony, an ex husband of the star is played by Michael Cumpsty, and the scavenging Mickey Deans by Tom Pelpherey. The scene is the Ritz Hotel, London. December 1968. And the story rides on a dark horse call melancholy. I teared up a lot but also had a good laugh because though the story is tragical it is often witty, and humorous, too.

Ms. Garland finds herself in London with her ex-husband, now her new hired pianist and her young new fiancĂ© Mickey as her manager. The aim is revival: a series of concerts arranged to help convince her fans and the music industry that she still has the discipline and the voice they love,  to give them the performance they expect of her. But that's not how things unfold. Too soon we are made aware that perhaps the last thing she ought to be doing is performing. At a glance she seems a star, upon close observation one witnesses a sad depressed woman. Victimized by the people who ought to have loved and protected her.


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