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Off-Broadway Review: Cock

Showing at the Duke on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Ave, is Cock . The new Off-Broadway play by Mike Barlett. A very intriguing, insightful, and captivating piece. One thing you ought to know before you join John (Cory Michael Smith), M (Jason Butler Harner), W  (Amanda Quiad), F (Cotter Smith) and your fellow audience is that if you are one to never be on time, this is one of those shows where you really ought to make it on time or just forget the whole thing. If by some luck you are able to get in,  after you arrived late, it would be awkward to get to your seat. The sitting arrangement is quite intimate, like a small gathering of friends. Every eye will follow you, including those of the actors. They are in the middle of a green floor and you would be part of the small circle that surrounds them. There are no barriers. The audience eyes does not only follow the performers but those sitting around them––good way to observe the impact of the play on those around you. Co

A Little Something To Ease Menstrual Cramps

When it cometh, it cometh with much anguish. I used to refuse to take painkillers.  Surely I can handle it...and my body will learn to stop producing all that pain? But menstrual cramps were never kind to me and I was forced to find a remedy. I wanted something as natural as possible because I have something of a paranoia when it comes to painkillers. I always think they are giving me some sort of cancer as they sneakily take our my aches :( . I read much about ginger tea, gave it a go and now I know it helps  so I'm passing the information on. I love to add some lavender to my ginger tea, it makes it the more soothing and helps relaxes me during those five weird days of the month. And I had jasmine flower for a little kick :) All you need is fresh ginger. In my case I add half a teaspoon each of lavender flower, Jasmine flower and lemon juice (you can get the flowers from a tea shop), you may add honey if you wish. - Bring water to boil - Add finely chopped fresh ginger

Broadway Review: Ghost The Musical

Did you see Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost the movie? Then you have an idea what Ghost the Musical is about. Though it's new in New York, it is also playing at the Piccadilly Theater in London. At the Lunt-Fontane Theatre on West 46 St, is  Ghost The Musical. A two and a half hours performance. A bit long but you won't notice the time much because you would be in the good hands of a talented crew. Your eyes, ears, and heart will be following Sam (Richard Fleeshman) and wondering why he won't say those four words that his girl-friend, Molly (Caissie Levy) wishes so much to hear. You will be appalled  when Sam's best friend, Carl (Bryce Pinkham),disappoints you and the rest of the audience in his greed. And you will laugh so hard as Oda Mae (Da'Vine Joy Randolph) tries to help Sam communicate with Molly. You will also remain impressed from beginning to end by the awesome effects, lightening, and dramatic use of technology. The

Broadway Review: End Of The Rainbow

A fan of  Judy Garland? Then you would probably love this exciting new play by Peter Quilter, and directed by Terry Johnson. I experienced this beautiful play at the Belasco Theatre at 8pm on Friday the 30th of March. Yes, I am aware it's a century past and I should have written this review a long time ago. Forgive me if you can. Credit End of The Rainbow  is played by an excellent cast; especially Tracie Bennett as Ms. Garland. Anthony, an ex husband of the star is played by Michael Cumpsty, and the scavenging Mickey Deans by Tom Pelpherey. The scene is the Ritz Hotel, London. December 1968. And the story rides on a dark horse call melancholy. I teared up a lot but also had a good laugh because though the story is tragical it is often witty, and humorous, too. Ms. Garland finds herself in London with her ex-husband, now her new hired pianist and her young new fiancé Mickey as her manager. The aim is revival: a series of concerts arranged to help convince her fans and the

Something For Flu Symptoms

The weather refuses to make it's mind and I'm being punished for its indecisiveness.  One moment I was fine and in the next my voice ceased to exist, my throat hurt and I had a nasty female-dog headache, an embarrassing sneeze and a completive cough. Perhaps it is because I have dressed, too often, for a warm day and have ended up strolling through cold rainy days. I have been forced to continuously nurse a hot mix of turmeric, ginger, lemon, and honey and the effort has been paying off--gradually. [ half a teaspoon of turmeric + a teaspoon of fresh crushed ginger + half teaspoon lemon + a teaspoon of honey mix in about 5-8 oz water ] Why? Do your own research. And I am no Doc. so if this doesn't work for you please don't try to sue me :) The other excuse for my inconsistent blogging is because I have been lost in the Songs of Ice and Fire. I just started the 5th book today, and should be done by Friday. The book is stuck in my head, even in my dreams! I can'