Broadway Review: Follies

Last Thursday evening I saw Follies. Here's what you have to know if you plan on seeing this musical. DO NOT LEAVE after the first Act.  The First act is a bit dull, though not too bad on the ears. It seems like nothing much would be happening and you start feeling a little let down.  No, mate! It get's better. Trust me here.  Do go back to your seat after that fifteen minutes intermission.

The main story is simple: four friends (two married couples) come to a reunion party at a theater which is soon to become a car park, to celebrate their wives past stage performances. It unfolds that these two couples, once best-friends are now very much unhappy, and unsatisfied with their lives.  It is a love triangle, you know, the sort where  A loves B, but B loves C and C loves A kind of thing.

The stage remains a little boring in the first act but everything happens in the second. Colors and I mean loads of colors. The stage becomes very much alive, the music soars and the story is a lot more fun to follow; plus the costumes becomes a lot more interesting.  You've been warn. Have fun and thanks for reading! Don't forget to subscribe.


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