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Book Review: Super Sad True Love Story

Delectable! Funny, and extremely well written. My boyfriend tries to get me to read from his New York Best Sellers' "Good Books To Read" list.  And I, of course, ignore him with constant rolling of my eyes.  On Monday, I caught him reading Gary Shteyngart 's Super Sad True Love Story and he started babbling about how good it was.  So I read the first page (my indisputable method of finding out if a book interests me or not).  Not before long,  I was on page 5 and begging for the chance to finish it, "I am a faster reader than you!" I argued, but I was ignored.  I got the book on Wednesday and started reading it on Saturday.  I finished it at 1am this morning. SSTLS has everything. Tons of imagination, realistic description of places, life, love, hate, great style of writing and a satirical but acute insight. Imagine a United States that has lost its economical power to China (ahem!).  Imagine New York in the hands of the Chinese government who could

Broadway Review: Memphis

The best musical I saw this year.  I am not being dramatic.  I promise.  It was really good.  I've been hoping to see Memphis  for a while now, but my secret and currently only affordable way to Broadway shows couldn't come up with the tickets until this Wednesday.  It was worth the wait. The music was fun, full of life and most inspiring.  The acting was believable: Chad Kimball (Huey)  was rather impressing. I found him mostly amusing when he converses with his mother and later his boss.  The theme could easily be phrased "music unites." The story is about a caucasian who loves soul music and crosses the borders of society into an African American neighborhood to listen and sing with them.  He is uneducated but he has a great ear for music and this talent takes him far.  He becomes a presenter at a radio station and he brings with him his African American musician.  He falls for an African American woman but the law prohibits their being together.  The rest of th