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Exhibitions at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

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Broadway Review: Hair

By Thursday I had had enough of my so call anti-social week.  A little persuasion from my boyfriend  landed me in Time Square (an awful place to be if you want to get away from people) to see  Hair.   I love Broadway but I am not a very big fan of musicals.  The first musical I saw was Phantom of the Opera and though I liked it, I wished the intermission would have been the end of it all.  They all sound the same to me. All that singing.  Now, plays are something entirely different.  I think the most boring play I saw was The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore and I still loved it.  I don't care how bad a play is, I can stand it. I can laugh at them or laugh with them. With musicals I can only laugh with them or yawn at them. Back to Hair , I read some pretty good stuff about it from the NY Times  so I was hopeful.  It was not for me. They were really engaging, had great stage presence and were all over the audience.  I even got a real flower and there was some nudity a