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Drumroll Please, It Is My Very First Post!

It rained today. The uninterrupted stretch of pavement is now brown and not gray, cleaner.  I can hear the wetness as the cars zoom off on the highway, about a minute from my window. So why this blog? Well it is mostly because I am too lazy to keep a diary, and partly because I miss writing for the sake of writing.  I need a new challenge.  Something that can help me pay more attention when I read the NY Times or Thomas Hardy.  I need a place where after sharing my craziness, I can calmly reach the realization that there was nothing really crazy in the first place. I want to interact with you. Hopefully teach you something, but mostly learn something from you.  And so I am here, and very glad that it has been raining like the sea replaced the skies. You know, it got rid of a good percentage of pollen from the air which has helped put a stop to the allergy-like symptoms that had been threatening me in the beginning of this spring. - Jane