COVID-19: Three Tips to Transcend the Banalities of Self-Isolation

For many, solitude, even when self-imposed can feel like incarceration. But when self-isolation becomes essential for our individual, communal and world health, then it ought to be taken seriously. COVID-19 requires that we change immediately and find creative new ways to live and work. We can rise to this challenge and surprise ourselves if we give the moment its due by transforming and combining our beautiful hearts, brilliant minds into sustainable efforts and solutions that will transport us from this unfortunate atmosphere that we have helped into existence. Fear and hate will only cripple us and cause us more suffering and deaths. I'm making a dent in my “no blogging in 2020” goal to offer a few tips from my pre-pandemic and pandemic time, self-imposed self-isolation practices on how to do better than survive. And if what you can manage is to survive, that is plenty. Especially for those who depend on you.  

1. Have a controlled panic-attack:
Yes, I know, everyone says do…

Winter Diary: Until Soon

There's always so much one could say,
but I've begun to practice with
those who feel less is good, too.

Let me simply say then:
I need a minute & a year might suffice.
I hope I can continue my efforts here
on Jane through the seasons in 2021.

I pray 2020 would gift us all
courage and wisdom to practice
happiness in the moments.

May your Christmas be merry &
your holidays brilliant! ^_^

J. A. Odartey

Photography: Slow Stitches

From Amiel's Journal(9th December 1877): Composition is a process of combination, in which thought puts together complementary truths, and talent fuses into harmony the most contrary qualities of style. So that there is no composition without effort, without pain even, as in all bringing forth. The reward is the giving birth to something living––something, that is to say, which, by a kind of magic, makes a living unity out of such opposed attributes as orderliness and spontaneity, thought and imagination, solidity and charm. --Henri-Frédéric Amiel --- JAO 

Translating Prévert: Le bon jeune temps

Le bon jeune temps
Par Jacques Prévert

Les rivières étaient claires 

la mer était propre
le pain était bon
les saisons saisonnières
les guerres oubliées
et l’amour aimé.


The good old days
(Trans. J. A. Odartey)

The rivers were clear
the sea clean
bread was good
seasons, seasoned  

wars forgotten
and love, loved


New Published Images from "The Whirling Heart Series" in Duende #7

I've been working on The Whirling Heart Series for a few years now.
So it's good to have some of these abstract photographs in Duende's issue #7.
Please take a look. Perhaps it would make your heart skip a bit. :))