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Sailing this generous gift of love/life in gratitude as writer (verse | short fiction), photographerabstract photography artist, crocheter/knitter & designer for Mawusi. I would very much love to learn to play the piano, speak French & Mandarin, read the positions of the stars and paint! Got an MA from Brooklyn College and BA from Baruch College (Go C.U.N.Y!). Born & raised in Ghana (very proud Krobo girl Oke mini?! ) now living in Queens, NY. Jane Through the Seasons started as space to record events following college and is at present a lifestyle blog on presence.

NEW Blog Schedule (Biweekly)

Monday: Photography

Tuesday: Poetry

Wednesday: Opinion/Observations/Encounters/Experiments/Theories

Thursday: Book Reviews/Diaries

Friday: Personal Style

Unless credited to another, images are works of mine. Feel free to share, but kindly credit this blog. 

Jane A. Odartey

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