Steeping: Lemongrass-Juniper Berry Tea

I graduated to a Japanese cast-iron teapot which unlike my old pot, works directly on a stovetop and keeps my tea hot for as long as it rests on a lit tea warmer. It is gifting me richer tea experiences and I am enjoying experimenting with different ways of making tea. The lemongrass-juniper berry tea  relies as much on its ingredients as on its process for best results. The caffeine-less tea should look golden-brownish when made well and taste slightly lemony, peppery, a touch flowery and minty. Here's how you make it: 
You will need: 
+ 1 tbs lemongrass 
+ 3/4 tbs chamomile 
+ 1/2 tsp crushed dried ginger 
+ 1/4 tsp juniper berries 
+ 1/4 tsp spearmint 
+ 1/4 osmanthus flower
+ crushed cinnamon sticks
+ about 8 green peppercorns 
+ a dash of cumin
+ crush ginger, cinnamon and pepper together for a fused taste  
+ mix in other ingredients
+ transfer tea into a roomy infuser and fit into teapot 
+ cover teapot and have it seat on low heat for about two minutes without water
(This makes the tea more fragrant and makes your space smell wonderful too)
+ pour cold water into pot while still on stovetop, through the infuser (my pot supports 24 ounces)
+ let tea warm up on low heat until about to boil  
+ remove tea from stovetop before it boils (otherwise it splashes and makes a mess)
+ enjoy your tea at a slow pace 
Happy November


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