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Opinion: Cultivating our Values in our Communities

One of the frequent complaints I receive during art workshops with second and third graders is “(S)he copied me!” To which I say, “It is his compliment to you.” Or “Ah, it looks like you have inspired her.” These words help smoothen certain feathers, but not all. Of course, they are right, the adorable little monsters: we imitate one another. But I have not always recognized how potent this behavior was until one afternoon: It was a summer day and nosing through my window I noticed two women on their way out. They were both wearing blue jeans and black tees which amused me; why must they match, I wondered? Well, a few days later I caught myself wearing…guess? A pair of blue jeans and a black tee!It felt incredibly scary when I understood why I was dressed as such. I don't often wear jeans pants, nor do I frequently wear black tees, but here I was subconsciously copying something that didn’t really appeal to me. This experience led me to understand that I have and will always imita…

Feature: An Interview with The Malahat Review

Oi You!

The Malahat Review recently published a new poem of mine, "Conversing with the Farmers." It is followed with an interview in which I share a bit on my writing process, what influences my work and the inspiration for the poem. Do find the interview on the the magazine's website. And I'm  happy to hear your thoughts should you be inclined to share them.
Thanks for your interest and time! ^_^