Personal Style: Blonya Atade

In the days of yore, that is when one was still considered child, one of the things we looked forward to was the blonya atade (Christmas dress)! No one wanted a custom made clothing for blonya. All we ever got all year long was custom made this, custom made that. So for Christmas we all wanted ready-made clothing. First we prayed we would get a blonya atade. Then we begged that it would be ready-made. This is why it is amusing that these days, I will kill a baby elephant for a custom made clothe. Well, I just received a custom made dress––no elephants were injured in the process––and here is the story...
One of my Aunts, living in a suburb area in Ghana, got my measurement for this dress and got it made months ago. When it was completed she sent it to another Aunt who lives in the city. Then one of my Aunts who live here in NY, went to Ghana recently and on her way back picked up the dress and brought it to me. Of course, I am very happy with it...
and since when someone makes you a dress the custom is that you would wear it and take some good photos––yes yes yes I am aware these are not very good photos and I promise I have a good excuse–– to send to them along with your thanks, so they can see you appreciate their good taste...
This is the photo I will be sending my Aunt. And what am I doing in the photo above? Have you seen Bajirao Mastani? Wonderful wonderful wonderful movie.  Oh see it! A must, a must!! Don't worry if you can't speak a word of Hindi, neither can I, nor did I need any subtitle. Anyway, in the movie, there is this "Pinga Pori, Pinga Marathi" song and what I am doing here is one of the steps in the dance for it. I am working on learning this dance. Who cares if I might injure a knee in the process? Is not the purpose of life learning to move in the fashion of that excellent choreography of a dance? And what if I don't even know what the song means...
Yes, so I am considering this my Christmas dress and I will be attempting not just the Pinga dance in it but also some moves I am trying to learn from "Feel it Still" which is STUCK-in-me-head-like-a-disease. 
Ahhh snow. Sigh. Here is a suggestion, one must make it one's mission this winter to enjoy the snow. For one does not know when snow will go where mammoths went. One long freaking summer is life, eh? Ahem, *cough* global warming *cough.*

One more thing, this Sunday (December 17, 2017) I will be at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102), hustling my handcrafted work. So if you're in the neighborhood and shopping for Christmas presents, I will do a dance to see you there. And will even knock a few dollars off your sum if you mention this blog. So come come come! Thanks!

& now let's groove to "Feel it Still" whoooooooosh!


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