Summer Style: Cotton & Silk

The headscarf (once Mother's) and pants are silk. The slip dress, adjustable Koryo Necklace, halter bandeau (sample from the new Mawusi SS17 collection), and Koryo Fabric bracelet are cotton.
Well let me tell you something: there are a few fatFATfat pimples on the face at present. Why? Well it is because this human being has been eating too much ice-cream. I keep telling her: now, please, enough eh, enough. Learn some moderation, a little self-discipline, yes? Come now...but no! She listens not to reason and keeps stuffing her face. She insists summer means ice-cream. Impossible, no!? But I have not lost hope, I pray she will tire of it soon.
If you must know hand washing is reallyREALLYreally good for your arm muscles.
Oh and the pair of sandals is leather, at least the top part, but does that mean it is real snake skin? If so then that is disgusting! Ewwwwwwww EwWwWww!! (No I'm not throwing them away.)
And if you're into handmade things you might enjoy paying my handmade shop a little visit. You might like what you find there and I definitely would appreciate your support. Thanks and have a blast!


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