Let's Whip Mango Butter For Body & Hair

Usually, like everyone, I love whipping myself a good soft shea butter. But unlike everyone my skin and hair do not absorb shea butter very well. So when I recently came across a tutorial from one of my favorite YouTube channels on whipping Mango butter, I had to give it a try. I simplified the original recipe and made a small batch that lasted about three weeks. Love it! I absorbs well into my skin and hair. It is also scentless so one only need add a little of one's favorite essential oil(s).  I recently made another batch––I prefer small batches so the butter stays fresh––and took some photos to share with you. 

To whip a small batch of mango body & hair butter you will need:

+ A (glass) container for your butter 
+ A kettle of hot water (to melt mango butter)
+ A deep bowl (for hot water)
+ A small (ceramic) bowl (to melt butter in) 
+ A wooden stick or spoon 
+ A small butter knife (to whip butter)
+ A cup of pure unrefined raw mango butter 
+ A half cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (or another carrier oil of your choice)
+ Vitamin E oil (helps keep the butter fresh)
+ Your choice of essential oil for scent

Let's get to it!
- Fill a big bowl with hot water
- Place your mango butter in a small (ceramic) bowl into the bowl of hot water and allow to melt (stir to quicken process and when water cools replace with more hot water)
- In the container to store your butter add about a quarter of a tablespoon of vitamin E oil
- Add the half cup of olive oil and stir
- Then add about 3 drops of essential oil and stir
- Add the melted butter to the olive oil mix and stir thoroughly
- Place your mixed oils into the freezer for about 45 minutes
- Take out frozen oils and whip with a butter knife (basically stir) until soft and smooth

You are done! This should last about a month or two depending on how butter thirsty you are.
I hope this works for you, too.


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