Personal Style: Rad Red Felt Hat

An old man pushing his cart up the bridge behind and above me stopped midway up and gave me a big grin and a thumb-up sign; otherwise a quite wintry afternoon with only a busy squirrel going about his nuts business, for company.
Upon seeing this photo, my brother started to laugh. Asked what amused him, he said I looked like a man (we are brought up to be extremely honest with one another). Something about the hat and glasses makes me look manly, he claimed. All needed is a little beard, he added. I was amused. My style has no ambitions to fit into anybody's idea of what is gender-acceptable or even beautiful. It does not try to impress but merely amuse me and encourage my sense of self. I like to wear things that are comfortable in cut but uncomfortable in style. 

The felt hat has been with me for years. I acquired it, perhaps, some time during senior year in high school. It is wool and handmade in Italy. But it has gone under some recent alterations: I removed a band that went around its middle and gave it a little spot cleaning. I wear it differently these days than when I first got it. This way of wearing it, with its brim backwards, gives it a fez look, which I like loads. My favorite thing about this hat used to be the style now it is the color.

I made the brooch and the bracelet. Find them in my craftwork shop

Wishing you every loveliness.


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