Personal Style: A Hat With Heart

The other day I went in search of a hat for the summer, and was just about to settle for a not so great one when I found this lovely one buried beneath the rest. Of course, I brought her with me. As you
can see, she is quite gorgeous. On our walks together, people often stop us to admire her beauty. They are even more enchanted when the sun strokes and highlights her blond woven straws. 
But Hat is a little too big for my head and Wind wants to lure her away. I do my best to press a gentle hand to the top of my head when Wind gets too sassy. But sometimes Wind is quite quick and Hat goes sailing through the air and falls to sweeping the ground; leaving me running after her. 
I am not annoyed, it is all very good fun. The other day this well dressed gentleman, walking his dog, run after Hat and brought her back to me. If we keep on like this, not only will we be very fit by summer's ending, but would have made a ton of new acquaintances.
 I am wearing my Happy Koryo Bracelet and the Pokoasi Crochet Duster from my new SS16 Collection.

Wishing you an excellent weekend!


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