An Encounter: Kind Margaret

 It was Saturday morning and I had just gotten out of the taxi that brought me to Brooklyn from Queens to sell my handmade work at a flea market there. I saw a woman unloading something from the trunk of a car when I walked by and stopped to ask for directions. She pointed me to where I ought to go and I said my thanks. As I hurriedly unpack inside the event space, I saw her again, "Oh we're close to each other!" she exclaimed. I smiled and waved; a little surprised to see her. Sometime in the midst of events she stopped by my rack, "Do you need to use the bathroom?" she asks, "I will stand by your booth so you can go." I tell her I am fine. But she is not done, "They are giving free candy over there," she tells me, pointing to another side of the building, "would you like to go for some?" And I never say no to free candy! So I took her on her offer. At the end of the market on Saturday, things had not gone very well for me. She was encouraging nevertheless. And her daughter gave me a new air plant which is now sitting prettily on my (not messy anymore!) desk. I have always wanted one.
On Sunday, she stopped by at the beginning of the market. I had moved from where I was situated on Saturday. She wanted to wish me well for the day; I wished her the same. A little later she stopped by with some cups of yogurt.  She didn't like the lemon one, do I care for it? Since I love lemon and  have a serious thing for yogurt, I could not resist. It tasted amazing. Of course, I was in love with her by now. But she was not done. Later in the evening she came again. She had played the lotto and won $6! That's awesome! I tell her. She wants me to have her winning ticket. Oh, no! I can't accept that. But she insists. So I take it. I have never played the lotto and it felt strange when I walked into a lotto shop two days later to take the money. For a second there, I was tempted to use the winning to buy a ticket, but I resisted. At the end of Sunday's market, the last day of the event, she comes again to say goodbye. She's not from New York.  She's from North Carolina. She wants my address, I give it to her and take hers too. When I packed up after the event, I was sure to go say thank you and hug her goodbye. I was really impressed by her.

Her kindness was not overwhelming, despite its overwhelming nature. She was genuine and it showed in her aura. She did not give to me because she wanted anything from me. She gave to me because she took pleasure in giving. To refuse her would not have hurt her feelings, nor embarrassed her, but my accepting her gifts pleased her. I have met people who give in negativity. Either to lie to themselves and make themselves superior in their own minds, or even to punish themselves or the receiver, or some such awfulness. But Margaret was just really kind; an incredibly beautiful being. And I felt lucky to have been chosen by her. As I left the market, I felt she had moved into my head, and also into my heart.

The other day, I found myself in a little situation which encouraged a little kindness. And although my first response had been unthoughtful, upon remembering Margaret, I was encouraged to do better; because it really would be awesome to be as beautiful as her.



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