Personal Style: Fall Into Spring With Pastels and Petals

And another Friday is here. It is so gorgeous this morning that I am actually yearning for a walk...and I will, after this post, take one. Yesterday was sweetly blasted by some very good rain and the air now feels like it took a bath. I shot this style edition on Tuesday, which was another beautiful day.  No cloud in the sky. That autumn is, in a sense, alike to spring, has never been lost on me. One leads to a palette of minimalistic days and the other to an excessive, albeit never overbearing, colors and textures. So I thought I would entertain my sense of humor by wearing pastels this week and enjoying autumn in spring spirits. And it has been a really good way of spending time.
You cannot see how gorgeous this sweater is because I have not shot the details. I bought it at the close of last winter, the best time to find fun sweaters on ridiculous sales. I chose it for its texture, color, and oversized cut. I used to not wear pink in order to make some sort of feminist stand. But the color is so gorgeous that I cannot longer be bothered. The mustard yellow turban headband is my first efforts for my Aketesia Turban. Inside the sweater is a buttercup yellow slip dress I got in DC about two years ago when I visited my best friend there. The trousers (I have folded them high) is off-white with pale taupe stripes; a pair of work pants that I thrifted some years back somewhere. And, of course, my awesome boots! My last year Christmas present to myself. I have been wearing this pair of boots like they are glued to my feet. It is most comfortable and perfect for days like these. The bracelet is my abstract smiling Happy Koryo. The oversized brooch is my Dipoyo Pillbox hat/brooch. The jacket is from a few springs ago, and I feel I have had this backpack forever.
Have a blast!


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