Personal Style: Kimono, Rain is Coming!

Perhaps it is because I grew up in a country where the weather never changes much, that is why I almost never think to check the forecast when I am planning to step out. If I had, these photos would not have happened. It seemed something was stirring when I saw the birds flapping like madness. Then I noticed the sky getting darker, and I sung to myself oh oh...
Of course, I was going to shoot. I love the rain. It only felt a little dangerous because I was afraid for Karma (my camera). So what is on, is the awesome kimono I have moved into since this summer. I got it for a steal from a wonderful online vintage shop in Japan which is unfortunately no longer in business. :( The headband is my Kucha multi-wear collar and the Happy Koryo bracelet is one of my favorite things. I crocheted the bag for myself but there is a similar one available at Mawusi. The tutu dress was thrifted in Manhattan and the silk pajama pants was found on the sales rack at a Club Monaco in Queens. The tennis shoes are the same ones I wore in my Wax Print Fever shot. Ah, see the guy above, he was so friendly. He acted as though I was not in his way! But it makes sense. He is wearing yellow; you have to know how to have a laugh to wear yell-low.
The rain came on my way home, a few minutes after I shot this, and it was wonderful.
A wicked weekend is my wish for you. 
Jane Odartey


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