Grad School Diary: The Happy Life

My credit card is maxed out, I can barely afford my trips to school and my dearest Mother is very upset with me, but I am most happy. For I am exactly where I need to be and I am doing exactly what I wish to be doing and it is making my life so much richer. What is maturity if not the ability to make one's own life decisions? I wake up now and I think, I am alive, I am here still——this beautiful blessing of life is given me again. And it is meaning more and more, this life that I have been gifted; this time that I have; this immense love that I know not how to comprehend. It is becoming the more beautiful and I think my class is helping me see these things in better light. I have always been interested in going to school to improve my mind rather than to acquire some useless degree. We all have opinions——I have plenty. But I am learning that when it come to our lives, we really have to listen to ourselves. That we cannot please anyone who does not really take pleasure in seeing us for who we are or who does not care to see us become the best we can be. And this is why it is very important to listen more to our own intuition, to seek our own paths: to love ourselves enough to seem like fools in doing all that it takes to find our true path; to love ourselves enough to dare to do what makes us passionate; to love ourselves enough to only invite into it things and people who make it richer; to love ourselves enough to remove the things and the people who ruin it; to love ourselves enough to forgive those who hurt us and wish us ill; to love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves. As I write this I am filled with immense happiness and I wish I could share the feeling with everyone. What a wonderful thing it would be! *_*
Jane Odartey


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