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There I was happily shooting myself, then came these newly married people and their people to shoot next to me. It was so excitingly unexpected I had to include them. As I edited the pictures I realized that if I were to say to you that I went to a wedding, you might believe me. Photography is such an interesting medium. Often held as a measure of truth, there is often so much more to what is framed and a bigger portion of the story exists outside the photograph.

head scarf - bought in Ghana
sweater - gift (from an old supervisor)
skirt - gift (from a friend of Mother's)
oversized sowe purse  (similar) - Mawusi
dipoyo brooch - Mawusi
jacket - H&M
bracelet - Koryo  Adjustable Bracelet | Mawusi
bride & groom & their people - strangers
location - across the Queens Museum (Fresh Meadows Corona Park)


  1. I especially LOVE the first photo of you. There's something so fresh, radiant and spring-y about it!

    1. Thank you, Jhaneel! I am grinning now. :D Hope you had a good time in DC. Did you blog about it? If so I will check it out soon.


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