Personal Style: That Wax Print Top!

Meet my new favorite top...
I am wondering how long this overalls will last. 
I have had them for over 12 years.

Head scarf: H&M
Funnel Neck Print Top: Anna Devine
Overalls: Mom got them for me when I was in junior high :P
Bracelets: Mawusi
Flats: Lands' End


  1. You're so adorable. Makes me wanna make you really really small in size, then put you in my dress pocket and bring you out every 5 min just to show you off and adore you ! Hihi...

    ( Yes je suis un pou creepy - but in a good way!!) :O)

    / Very anonymous

    1. You've totally made my morning. I laughed so hard I almost choked on my breakfast. Thank you, very Anonymous. And yes, you are a little creepy: Just the way I like you—feel free to be more anytime. It is always a good way with you. Oh I was thinking the other day that you're rather brilliant. I am so much better for knowing you. I'll write soon but do try to go easy on the coffee...or not. Just be your charming self and make sure you and cute Almond Eyes are very happy. Smooches! <3


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