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Hi! My name is Pika! I was born in Hawaii and grew up in New York and I'm still living in NY! 
Fun fact: Because I was born in Hawaii my name means "Queen of the Sea". Not Pika-Chu! I was born before Pika-Chu so basically, I'm the original one. haha
I'm currently a business student at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).
I'm 100% Japanese.
I'm bilingual in English and Japanese (and almost trilingual with Spanish).
Both of my parents are artists (in a way) so I grew up in an artistic environment and that's how I became interested in fashion and abstract art.
I originally started blogging on a Japanese blogging site called "Ameba" in 2009, so I can practice my Japanese while writing about my favorite stuff, including my outfits. Also being a Japanese girl who grew up in New York her whole life, I was extremely interested with the Japanese culture.
But I eventually started ShineWithThatSpark a couple of years ago because I wanted to equally spread my love of fashion and the beauty of NY, not just in Japan but across the whole world. I love the idea of seeing different perspectives from different people. 
To be honest, I'm not that person that gets inspired by someone or a specific thing. I get inspired by everything around me. I mean EVERYTHING. Plus I love people so much that from last year, I've been thinking to become a cultural anthropologist someday and incorporating clothing to that as well. Thanks to the love of people and fashion, I've been interested in all kinds of people with different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture, lifestyles and so on. But I think I came to love people from my travelings. This is why I consider myself a global citizen. For the past couple of years, I have continuously visited Spain, and of course I have visited Japan many times as well. I have been to a few places in Europe and in the UK but I'm still striving to get there to see all the adventures and discoveries waiting for me. 
I can seriously go on and on but to wrap things up, EVERY SINGLE THING IN THIS WORLD, as long its moving or living, I'm fascinated and inspired by it (haha). 
I have a strong will to deliver my current lifestyle in NY and what interests me in my surroundings. I also love talking about clothes and my OOTD, but occasionally I just loving walking around NYC and examining/observing the landscapes, people, the uniqueness of every building, and of course the people. So usually I carry around my camera, so I can be ready anytime, anywhere. 
Lately, I've been into introducing unknown and even random people, artists, stores, designers....anything you can think of. The last two posts I've done were both clothing related but I would love to talk with more interesting people especially with those that ware outside my field of fashion. Maybe... Okay I can't think of one right now but if someone is interested in talking to me about their interesting life (I mean EVERYONE is interesting to me) feel free to email me! I love listening to people talk about their life.
My blog is different from other blogs in how I centralize the blog to what I do, see, want, or like. Any thing that requires myself to use my five senses. But mostly I do love writing about myself so it's mostly about me. haha ( I mean who doesn't?!) 
What's different about me is my style. I really don't like going along trends much. I just wear things that fascinate me and looks good on my body. Plus, I hate wearing the same clothes and accessories as everyone else. That's why I usually don't have a set store I go to, and I buy things based on where I end up being in this world. But as of now, I do get most of my stuff from my mom's closet. Or vintage stores. I like being the one and only, Pika :)
My advice to new bloggers is to not copy other bloggers but to try to maintain your own style or way of blogging. Lately, I feel like I've been seeing the same kind of bloggers everywhere I look. For instance, I know fashion bloggers may have different styles so that might be interesting but just introducing the product by wearing it can be boring to read. So to make it even more interesting, write the story behind it on how you came upon it or even what's interesting to you. Don't just say, "I wore this and you guys should get it" because sometimes I see myself writing that and being bored myself. Explain. I want to read more of the stories behind the scene! 
Don't feel pressured or frustrated when blogging, you have to have fun! Of course, there may be times when you just want to write a diary about something dull, but still, don't think too deeply about it because that can make things more complicated. 
>>> . <<<
Thank you Pika!
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* Images by Pika.


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