Observation: Thoughts

When I set out to start an observation project and report a few of them here, I really meant images. Yes, I mentioned that I would try to use my other senses, too, but I expected that would take some time. However, I found myself working on a paper, and when having to distance myself from my writing because I had reached a mental block, my eyes travelled outside of my room to my only view, the highway. As I watched the cars zoom by I became conscious of my thoughts. Most of it were on my paper. They were trying to develop a fresh perspective through which I could resume my writing. I realized that I was thinking in words. I suppose I have always known this, but it was a semi unconscious knowledge, something I had not previously thought of or thought on. I wondered then what my thoughts would be like without words? I tried to not think in words and I felt that I could not. I could only sense; but not really "think." It seemed also that all efforts to not think made my senses sharper and my head lighter.

Have a beautiful Monday.


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