Meet Lucia Eastman of Venus Over Water

You know you are a product of your parents when you grow up with an architect dad and seamstress mom, and find yourself with an architect degree and a business in fashion. My name is Lucia Eastman and I spent most of my childhood following my mom around and making clothes for my dolls at 7. Around that same time, my father invited me to take an interest in his profession, showing me the drawings and details of his projects, and even taking me on site at times. I didn’t know it then, but it was the foundation for what was to come.
After moving to America from Ghana in 2000, I decided to pursue a career in architecture but still retained a love of fashion and integrated many of its larger concepts into my work—always looking for ways to elegantly merge the two. 
In the last couple of years, I began to feel a visceral pull toward those memories of making my own clothes when I was 16; and of that initial obsession with the world of fashion. I even tracked down footage online of ‘Style With Elsa Klensch’ - a CNN program about the fashion world that I watched religiously when I was younger.
I remember how inspired I was by those stories of fashion designers, their creative process, the ideas behind their collections, and even how mesmerizing the models were. 
From this 'rebirth,' came Venus Over Water, which melded the passion of a young woman rediscovering fashion alongside the tenets of classically trained architecture.
Venus Over Water was born out of those impulses from my initial days in the US: trying to reconnect with my culture and life in Ghana while capturing this dynamic feeling of being so alive when simply walking around this city. I found myself returning from trips back home with these vibrant stunning fabrics that I grew up seeing on all the women around me. I began to fuse this bright, bold, physical element with my new life. I wanted to shine a new light on them by using the unique prints in entirely new cuts, and instilling a sense of modern sophistication to add comfort and versatility to the designs. With Venus Over Water, I pride myself on staying true to the fabrics, true to my personal story and individual sense of style that emerged from all of these influences. Venus Over Water is made for women who are seeking quality garments that are functional, easy to wear and free from formal constraints.
Inspiration comes from the everyday woman who is looking for chic and effortless comfort.
Our clothing is incredibly comfortable but accentuates your figure. It is eye-catching, alluring and versatile, allowing women to seamlessly float from formal work setting to casual fun, all while wearing the same piece. At the moment I sell my work through Etsy. Soon I’ll be selling them on my website which I am currently working on. The one thing I wish I knew before I started Venus Over Water is how much work it is to start your own line.
Like Venus hovering over water, she is beautiful and composed—a true lady who is happy with her life: loved and in love. 
Thanks so much Lucia.
Find more about Venus Over Water through the links below and have a beautiful Tuesday.
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Photography by Elena Koroleva


  1. Great feature Jane! I love the fabrics that Lucia is using --- that plum colored dress is fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashleigh! Lucia's work is beautiful, and yes, so are the prints she works with. Glad she chose to share some behind the scenes with us.


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