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The End of 2013

Is there a difference between man-made time and natural time? I recently wrote an essay arguing against man-made time, which I believe is not the same as nature's time.  There is a rigidity to the time created by us, a sort of cultish awareness and it often keeps us dancing off-beat. Today is the last day of 2013, and as I am rather sentimental, I cannot help it but pile on the drama. There will be no NYE's party for me, I will be reading Thucydides (*cough if I am able to stop watching Lark Rise to Candleford  on Hulu). However, I have already started journeying back through the idea of '13, and trying to imagine the idea of '14.

I am also thinking of the silent beauty of nature's time: the sunlight with its several delightful yellows, the moon and stars in their romance, the seasons with their flowers, fallen leaves, snow, and rains. What about life? Birth, the toddler years, the teenage years, the ridiculous and pompous phase known as adulthood, and the beautif…

Opinion: Change

Perhaps as today drew closer you wished that you had the ability to will Sunday to remain a little longer. That you stayed up a little later so as to remain in yesterday as long as possible. But now that Monday is here, you don't mind it so much. The ability to make decisions and or alter our perspectives to improve our condition is that which makes it easier for us to sail through the seasons.

We fear change because it removes familiarity which is in itself often a false sense of security.  It seems to me that nothing is as familiar as one thinks. To do differently than one is accustomed to is to be exposed to ones limitations and vulnerability; traits which we share with all living things and non-living things; something that we ought not be ashamed of but that we often are. I wonder why.

Habit is not that which we are but the acts we have repeated until they have become a second nature. Our habits are not always good which is why change is essential. Change is that which makes…

Merry Merry Christmas!

Seriously can't believe that Christmas is here again so soon. It's been such a great year. I had lots of firsts; some good some not so good, and all my experiences have helped me grow in such a way that I can only feel gratitude for what a gift this year has been. I am working on a resolution, eating ice-cream like the end of the world is approaching, and trying to take things a little easy. I am hoping to read some books now that school is out…maybe see a movie or two. I love Christmas. My Christmas is never traditional, but I love it all the same. Will be back to blogging in January. Please float in good spirit throughout the remainder of the year. Merry merry merry Christmas mate!


Music: Beyoncé's New Album & Feminism

I don't believe in celebrities and I don't understand why we make them out to be such big deals. Beyoncé has released a new album and everyone is going crazy about how she did it. Which really surprises me because we are in the age where social media is enough, even, for the unknown. So imagine when one is world-wide famous? The other thing is, it is beginning to feel like feminism wasn't cool until Beyoncé made it sexy. See, that is what I'm worried about. It seems to me that she is distorting the meaning of feminism. I have a lot of respect for Chimamanda Adiche, and if one didn't know about her before Beyoncé made her sexy, please note that she was cool before Beyoncé's album, and will probably remain so long after this album gets lost in time. Some of the lyrics are pretty neat, though in combination with the images they seem contradictory.  For instance, note The New York Times' description of the image below.  Not that there is an ideal image for a f…

Off Broadway Musical Review: Lady Day

Before I jump into what is going to be a poor review of Lady Day, I also recently saw King Richard the Third, by the all-male Shakespeare's production group from London on Broadway. Though I slept through the first act, it was not because it wasn't a great production. It was just that I was tired. Please see it if you can, Mark Rylance as Richard is exceptionally hilarious.

Now to Lady Day. I have such a good story surrounding my getting to this performance but I will spare you. Dee Dee Bridgewater is singing her heart out at Little Shubert Theater as Billie Holiday. Because I was late, I got the front seat, so I didn't miss much except the first 8 mins.

I was hoping that there will be some acting and not only singing but by the end of the first act, I was sorry to have gotten my wish. I could not wrap my mind around how incredibly sad Bridgewater looked during the entire performance. It is clear that Lady Day had gone through a lot: from sexual abuse to parental neglect,…

General Update: It's Been a Bit

Not blogging has been hard on me, in that it dimmed my happiness.  Blogging keeps me thinking about things; because to publish one's thoughts one ought to think them through, at least a little. So one does not get surprised by one's own words.  I had to stop for a minute because I had too much going on and have also been sick.  I missed analyzing and explaining my feelings about things.

School gets harder towards its end, and I needed the time to write my final papers and study for my final exams; the last of which I finished yesterday. Now I can bite my nails while I wait for grades. I have about two more semesters to go and I will be done with my MA program. I thought I would go straight for a PhD program but now I am wondering if I shouldn't get an MFA in poetry before a PhD. Yes, I am somewhat addicted to schooling. I am of the mind that there is no such thing as too much education. That, in fact, the more one learns, the more one realizes that one knows very little a…

Mawusi: Vending Event at MoCADA on Dec. 14th

A quick post to alert you of my upcoming vending event tomorrow, Sat Dec. 14th at MoCADA Time: From noon - 6pm Location: 80 Hanson Pl. Brooklyn NY Take the D, N, or R to Atlantic Avenue, Barclays Center and walk about 5 minutes to the location More info >> Also how cool is this post from MoCADA's Tumblr page?! They made one for all the artists vending with them tomorrow. I seriously love it.
See it here:

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