Grad School Diary: The First Day of School

It is something that my classes are on Mondays now. Feels like it has been a while since Mondays sounded literally like I am coming out of the weekend. My class on manifestos is small and feels intense -- I really like the feel of that class. I am convinced that I am going to walk away with something good. The other one, 20th century fiction is at the moment unconventional. The books I am reading for it are however very interesting. I am very curious as to how both classes will unfold.

Happy Thursday!


  1. A manifesto class! That sounds intriguing. Are you studying them, or writing your own? :)

    1. It is so far intriguing, Lisa! We are studying about them. I think we will be breaking them down and see their significance and why they are necessary or perhaps not and why they work or perhaps do not...


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