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Opinion: Your Choice

Back! Things got a bit much, and writing here had to be put on hold. But things have simmered down and so I'm able to share here again.

Needing to comfort myself and build some sort of motivation to keep things going so as to be somewhat adroit in dodging the many grasping hands of depression, I stumbled into the thought: what if our world is as it is by our choosing? What if before we dive down or up into this life, we got to decide the kind of traps we want to set for ourselves, and what we encounter here is what we chose. Say, we compared several choices and believed what we are facing now is what we did love to overcome in this life? However, an integral part of the adventure is that we are unable to remember the whys when we are here. Of course, this is pure speculation (somewhat influenced by St. Augustine's thoughts on memory* as read and discussed in my mysticism class from last semester). However, if this is so, then whatever issue comes our way we can believe it sol…

Will be Back Soon

Life caught up with me and I'm breaking out in sharp pointed pimples. Will be back when it's not all very dramatic and I'm not feeling so very tired...


Mawusi for My Asho Market!

So I've been sitting on some very exciting news for a few months now, and finally I get to share it with you. I made a few exclusive pieces for My Asho Market's Autumn/Winter 2013! This is a big, big, big deal for me and I'm over the moon that they would pick me to design for them!! (Thank you sooo much Dolapo!!) I'm still in a bit of shock actually. You did 'hear' me go on and on about my first wholesale and having to make so much, so you know that all the items they are selling under Mawusi for My Asho Market is handmade by me. And it is made with great care like the beautiful spice (Nonitse) Infinity scarf pictured below. On the Etsy front I've been trying to add a clothing section to the shop, and the Koléki is my latest addition (there is also a ton of new items like the Sikili Fascinators). So far the Koléki has been in some very trendy Etsy treasuries, and made the Front Page this morning! Thanks so much Astrid. It has also been added by over a hund…

Grad School Diary: The First Day of School

It is something that my classes are on Mondays now. Feels like it has been a while since Mondays sounded literally like I am coming out of the weekend. My class on manifestos is small and feels intense -- I really like the feel of that class. I am convinced that I am going to walk away with something good. The other one, 20th century fiction is at the moment unconventional. The books I am reading for it are however very interesting. I am very curious as to how both classes will unfold.

Happy Thursday!

Down for Fall for Dance 2013

Took pictures of the subway posters, put the date on my calendar. Tried planting it in the forefront of my very confused mind. The plan was that on the 8th, I would wake up and be ready to buy my ticket. I should have set up an alarm too.

I forgot to buy a ticket until almost midnight, so naturally I ended up not with my first choice but my second choice, which was then almost sold out, and is now sold out. Nevertheless, I am excited. I've been meaning to see some dancing for a bit now (years actually). I was going to go when they were $10.00 then I didn't. Then I was furious when they became $15.00 so I didn't go either. But this year I will. Perhaps I will also go to the free event on the 17th of this month at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Perharps next year I will do that other thing I've been meaning to do for years now, which is to go stroll around Lincoln Center during fashion week and see what the people are wearing...oh materialistic much? Yes. Very s…

Meet Brandi of PurlBKnit on Etsy

A little about yourself
I'm Brandi Harper, the knitting hands of PurlBknit. There is something about Brooklyn that makes me feel like I can do anything. I am only too willing to throw my heart to the winds and hope it’ll land in a place where dreams come true.
What is your Craft story?
My crafty lifestyle started way before I taught myself to crochet at 14. I remember creating huge wall murals in my annual celebration of the seasons. Each drawing was colored within the lines and pasted with Elmer’s glue on our bedroom wall. When the leaves fell, winter and snowflakes would follow. I learned early that creativity is hard work and change does not always come easy.

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to?
I've worked in yarn shops, taught classes, and wrote patterns. I think it was only a matter of time before I started a shop all of my own. I look forward to selling design instructions next. I’ve seen amazing things happen when people focus and …

Opinion: Habits

There is  this fear that when I don't blog on Monday, I won't on Tuesday and before I realize it, I haven't blogged in years. So I try to keep blogging even when I don't have anything to blog about. It is the same with other things, like my fear of learning to bake. What if I become addicted and become one of those people that I've marveled over in movies who bake the heck out of every situation and eat it all until there is nothing for the ants? So these examples are the before a habit is formed. I am afraid of acquiring new bad habits because I already have a ton that I am already struggling with. Anyway, today is the first day of my second year in Grad school and I honestly don't wish to delve into my bad old habits and fear of new ones. I just had to write something here...

Happy Monday! -Jane

Mawusi: Side Note

"You've got to choose!" I've been told. Obviously I do a few things. Like chasing my dream to become a creative writing professor and feeling the need to write poetry and hoping to get published; like wanting to create great abstract photography and hoping to exhibit's not about the selling, just the exhibiting. There is also my obsession with school and hoping to get an MFA in photography someday. Then there is my blogging here and sharing from what I am thinking to what I love on Pinterest, then there is Mawusi of course. See, I don't think there is a need to choose, I think things choose you. These are things that I love doing, and though they might seem different they somehow feel the same to me, blogging is almost like writing a poem or crocheting a scarf. Perhaps someday I am going to realize a love for one thing and give up the others but until then, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't pursue all my interests. People say life…

Grad School Diary: Summer is Over

The fall semester would have begun this past Monday except that it was Labor day. So I'm back to school next Monday. I am more happy about this than anything. I miss school. Soon I will be fussing but for now I am excited about what I will be learning this semester. Both of my professors are extremely demanding so that should keep me on my toes! I am taking two classes.  One on Manifestos, and the other on 20th century fiction...I have started reading Faulkner's Absalom, Abaslom for the later -- I've to finish it before Monday. About the former I am very curious. This is good because I am often not curious about much. May it be a great semester!

Happy Thursday,

New Job and Some

Got a gig of sorts! Will be working for Nasozi of OSxN in her pop-up shop at Artists and Fleas (Chelsea Market) from the 16th through the 29th! I am very excited about this because 1. books don't pay for themselves  2. I get to work for Nasozi, who is über cool, and I get to sell her beautiful handmade items! 3. I gain experience that I can use towards my own shop!!  So if you find yourself at Chelsea Market between the 16th and the 29th please come and say hello and buy some OSxN for your home, so Nasozi will hire me again ;) The other thing is that I am now a contributing blogger for Etsy New York Street Team. Twice a month, I will be posting finds from the team!! I think this is pretty cool!
Happy Wednesday! -J

Current Favs on Pinterest

Find them on my board Happy Tuesday -J

Opinion: Childish

What if as
we are the
most matured;
as grown-ups
least matured, and
at wrinkled, gray,
and approaching the
bucket kicking season,
the realization is
the only thing
worth being is
child like...

Happy Labor Day!