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Personal Style: Handmade Lace Top and Silk Pants

See my new favorite pants! I discovered it in my closet a few weeks ago with the tag still attached. It's a hundred percent silk and a thousand percent comfortable.  She told me (the seller, of the lace top that is) that the blouse was handmade by her grandmother back when she was a young lady! The necklace and earrings I got from two cool handmade  jewelry shops on Etsy. 
Royal blue and tan earrings - Local Color  Multicolored necklace - Goodrun Bracelet - Mawusi Lace top - The Gilded Arrow Silk pants (btw they are long and straight. I hold them like so with a hair band) - Club Monaco Canvas Shoes - T.JMaxx 
Have a beautiful last day in August and a wonderful weekend! -J

Summer Diaries: Boring Cake

No. I am yet to do anything. I have been happily relaxing from going all out and working like crazy the past few weeks. Also enjoying my good fortune. August has been amazingly kind to me. So I read more, and hum more to stuff from my iTunes. I have been very lazy and now that the only person I really talk to is out of town, I have not done much talking either. Looking forward to classes, and hoping to start running soon for I am terribly out of shape.

Gave up trying to force myself to do "fun" stuff. I have a free metro card, a free pass to loads of cool events, and I cannot bring myself to do any of them...ahh but it is only Thursday. Maybe the weekend will find me adventurous! :)

* The picture is of one of the braided and painted rope pieces in the cool new exhibition, Red, Yellow, and Blue at Madison Sq. Park.

Happy Thursday

Eden Some of Manjuzaka on Etsy

Abstract art, I love. There is so much about it I do not understand which is the major essence of my attraction to the medium.  It is always something new. A work that lives and breathes. It holds the past, the minutes of the day and all the tomorrows that will be or never be. The ability to sense a depth without the ability to measure or grasp it fully, ever. This feeling came upon me when I first saw Eden Some's black and white ink wash paintings and drawings, and remained with me. "I was born somewhere unknown, a fishy village next to the sea in Guangdong Province, China...I'm the youngest one of 4 boys in the family."* So reads the beginnings of Some's biography on the about page of his Etsy shop, Manjuzaka; a play on the Sanskrit word Manjusaka which, according to him, means "the flowers of paradise."

The narration of his life and how his art came about is an aspect to a question I have been toying with: is art learned or is it a sort of  spirit t…

General Update and Miley Cyrus

Mostly because I have been too busy, I haven't been thinking much of anything except getting stuff done.  I am packing up to go live about 18 minutes away from my home for a bit. I get to apartment-sit for a friend for a few weeks while they explore Europe.

Though I'm behind on the news and anything of any significance, I managed to get blurbs of Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA. It seems that we're all so eager to judge good old Miley. People keep saying "Oh I didn't expect that!" Ah, what a hypocritical world we live in. We cheer her and encourage her to get like so, then we all scurry away from our very busy lives  and tweet from behind our walls of high morals on how inappropriate she was. Honestly, I don't mind Miley or any of these so-called 'celebrities.' Why blame them when we ought to be blamed for putting them on such pedestals? As if they are better than the rest of mankind when in truth we're all just as flawed in one way o…

Summer Diaries

There is this habit of mine which holds me often in my head. For this reason, I am aware of most of my faults, though I keep forgetting to do away with them. Based on this same obsession of mine, I often come to the conclusion that I fully understand myself, which is always followed by the realization that I do not. No, I did nothing exciting this week. All I did is work. I suppose it is the best way for now. I need to get the work out of the way so I can dive more freely into theeeeee fun. And I will have my fun and eat it, and hung, and wear it...right you get the point. I did see The Breakfast Club and The Red Violin for the first time -- that was nice. They both put so much into my head.

Happy Thursday!
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If You Find Yourself at Chelsea Market

A must stop will be Ichcha's pop up shop with its lovely displays in Artists and Fleas. They are there until Sunday. Meet the three cool sisters who together run the beautiful and unique line of handmade items for the home, and one-of-a-kind accessories you would cherish. Ask about the items, too. I find they all have such rich stories. I saw a handmade scarf with such a rich narration that I hope to get it for namrA; to bribe him for one thing or the other, then steal it back and wear it myself! ^_^

Have a beautiful Tuesday! -J

Opinion: The Sound of Silence

Are you thinking of Simon and Garfunkel's song? I do, too, when I hear the phrase "the sound of silence." However, it is not to that which I refer. It is to the literal meaning of the phrase that I find interesting. I hold the belief that no one who is capable of hearing has ever heard silence.  Whenever one refers to silence, one often refers to the lack of human communication, or some such noise. It is in a sense identical to being alone. Literally, no one is ever alone as long as they continue to share this world with others. Hence there is never silence when nature  and man-made things remain loquacious. Even the floors creak.

It is just so with silence. Even when all is quite, the wind might whistle, the leaves rustle, the cars zoom, the rain pitter-patters.  For example, it is now 11:26pm in Queens, New York as I write this. Everybody in my home is asleep but me. The fan overhead is squeaking gently. I just heard a door close somewhere. The very annoying neighbor …

Mawusi: It's Been a Beautiful Week!

Not only was I away from blogging for a week, I was also away from the shop's Facebook page and minimized all things work related and social media related. It is therefore such a great thing that on Monday I found out that SuChin Pak the chief correspondent for Daily Candy and co-founder of Hester Street Fair has reviewed my Mateko, Dipoyo, and Maku hair/brooch pieces in her recent Currently Coveting video! That was and still is very exciting! I have been feeling very happy about Mawusi.
As if that was not awesome enough, my favorite textured scarf, The white Tsapitsapi Infinity Scarf made it into the Etsy Finds Newsletter! It is my second time in the newsletter, the first time was with with The Kwe Red Neck Warmer. Like the first time, it was a complete surprise and brought me this amazing feeling! It has been a truly blessed week for Mawusi and I have been feeling very happy about pursing this wild dream of mine to work for myself by designing and making things that I would abs…

Summer Diaries: Guilty!

When Thursdays roll out, I feel like I come here on shy legs, trembling in their walk of shame. I want to say I was good and went out this week. Saw people. Hanged out. Was social till I felt a buzz not unlike that which only floats in pure bliss. Or that I just went out on my own and did my thing-thang-thing. That I finally did the one thing I have been meaning to do all summer long: go lie down on my big red blanket in Sheep Meadow, Central Park; with huge sunglasses to count clouds or pretend to count clouds as I puff out Zzzs. And here comes that awful 'but' with its hands possessively wrapped around a contradiction...all I did was stay home in my pjs and crochet like heck! Yesterday, I did manage to go for a walk...only so I can pick up a box from namrA's in which I hope to ship what I have been making. I believe that when I come here next week, I will be narrating a different story.
No buts!

Happy Thursday! -J

Poetry: Losing My Best Friend to Marriage by Jane Odartey

Losing my Best Friend to Marriage After Mrs. Dalloway We were sisters in light of youth’s desires. Until marriage, the clown of sorts sliced us apart. I played Sally to her Clarissa airs and Conspired to be free of whining brats.  We read Dante in daring melodies.  Refused hats on Long walks, and Ran in wind-filled corset-less gowns Of  rebellion. Her Peter always present, With love filled eyes promising wedded bliss. Then came the day of Richard, with his roses And his courtly ways to lure my friend away. She took her trunks and bought whale bones, Had parties to slay yawns and trade gossip, So I went in search of a duke to love.
- Jane Odartey

Meet Jacqueline of Local Color Creations on Etsy

A little about yourself My name is Jacqueline “not Jackie” Crowther.* I’ve lived in or around Atlanta most of my life, but I was born in Chicago, which will always be home. Growing up with a heightened sense of place, I’ve noticed that where I’m from has been the most fundamental factor in shaping my behavior, mood and how I see the world. I owe a large part of my affable but direct personality to the city of broad shoulders, which is why I’m not ashamed of my own.However, as I’ve gotten older, each new place I’ve called home has also shaped where I’m coming from; adding new perspective and an impetus for engaging with the world. Even the places I’ve simply passed through have left an impression; inciting a curiosity that a degree in Urban Policy, Planning and Economic Development couldn’t sate.
What is your craft story?
In the years after graduating, I became increasingly disenchanted with the career I worked for in college. As a result, I found myself spending more and more of my free …

Smells Like Monday!

Thoughts of blogging is often something nice. Even when it is challenging because I have no clue what to write about. I seriously do this because I enjoy it; otherwise I would be window shopping for shoes and soaking in tears about not having enough money to buy all of the awesome ones (Just bought two new boots for school. I feel guilty and happy at the same time).

Last week, when I thought about blogging I felt really really tired.  I realized then that it was time to take a little break. It was a delightful time away. It felt nice not having this on my extremely long to do list. However, I am happy to be back again. A week, it seems, is all I needed to start missing my desire to go blah, blah, blah-ing on here!

Happy Monday!

Mawusi: New in Shop + Behind the Scene Shots

Mawusi did pretty nicely in July! Excited to see what August has in store for her. Since I'm sharing more pictures today, I'm decreasing the words ;)  Please visit the shop to see several suggested ways in which all of these can be worn. Click on pictures to see them directly in shop! Thanks!

 I shoot in front of my bookcase with a bed sheet draped in front of it. Then wipe it all out in Photoshop. I am best buddies with content aware and the curves tool. Perhaps I should bring all of these add character?
Thank you for supporting! Have a beautiful Friday! -J
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The Lovely First Day

Of August! I am partial to this month.  The word August is such a fun word to pronounce and that it is more than just the 8th month of the year because it actually has a meaning makes it quite august.  It is also a reminder that I have fewer vacation days left and soon I will be going back to school. Better start doing something fun before I start mooing about all the readings I will have to do.  To new beginnings.  Though summer is slowing into its retiring age, I look forward -- standing on top of my bed, giggling with open arms and facing the window like the lunatic that we know I am -- to autumn.

Happy Thursday!