Meet Nina of Muse & Words (Blog)

A little about yourself

I was born Nina, my online moniker is NinaG. I'm Ghanaian; I was born and raised in the southern U.S. I'm a writer, sometimes I'm a film photographer. 

What is your blog’s story?

I have a few blogs: a personal blog where I discuss a variety of things, but mostly art and my life. Muse & Words is where I discuss written and cinematic arts along with my own writing; Before Me is where I take research notes for my creative writing projects; and Chicago Reading Africa is where I share information and other cool things related to African literature and a book club that I run in Chicago. 

I started the personal blog during my Saturn's Return. I was mostly done with graduate school, working full-time, and had recently moved to a city that didn't have a very strong single/loner culture as the city I'd previously been living in. I had a lot of free time, a lot of thoughts, and a desire to figure out what I was really passionate about. The idea of blogging came up a few times before I actually started a blog. When I finally did, I rediscovered my love for writing (I've since made a commitment to studying the craft). Out of that personal blog came an idea that included Muse & Words and some of the work that I'm currently planning for Chicago Reading Africa.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by other people - the things the say, the way they move, the stories they tell, the art they create. Especially writing. I often find myself piecing together my own thoughts after a particularly striking line in an essay or poem.

What is the aspirations for your blog?

I have very few aspirations for my blogs. Specifically with Chicago Reading Africa, we are growing offline. Our next phase includes an online presence that better reflects that growth. For my other blogs, I don't want to put too many expectations or limits on them. They've each evolved in different ways from their respective launch dates and I want them to continue in this manner. 

What makes your blog different from all the ones out there

I don't think my blogs are very different from others out there. They are only unique in that they are produced by me. I started reading blogs pretty heavily when I finished my first degree so I'm sure I've been influence by style and content. I actually started Before Me after seeing Teju Cole's tumblr for his novel, Open City

What do you know now about blogging now that you wish you knew earlier?.
I wish I knew that no one cares. I blogged privately for some time. I didn't want people I know to read my work. I still don't publicize my personal blog but when I do pub some of my other blogs no one I know is really reading (or at least they are not reading and coming to tell me things like "this is shit" which was my initial worry).

*Thank you so much, Nina! Please visit Nina and find the links to her other cool blogs!


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