Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Dearest Anonymous, this one is for you...Hope Tel Aviv is rocking! ^_^


  1. hahaaa -who are you calling anynomous !? :P
    That comment you wrote,btw about how Queens moustache is what makes his teeth appear so white cracked me up this morning haa!!!
    Btw,guess who's working on her Mawusi poster in this very moment while eating pasta with nothing but parmiggiano on it ?!

    1. On here, you are anonymous. I am trying to respect that, partly because it amuses me. >:) :P
      I thought you would like that comment about Mercury's mustachio. It came to me as I watched this same video.
      Ahhh thank you, dearest Anonymous! I am excited about that poster. Very much so! Thank you. And now I know what I will be having for lunch! :D


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