Meet Pippi of Pippi's Longstockings on Etsy

Pippi of Pippi's Longstockings is really so much fun!!! I find her work very impressive!

A little about yourself 

Hi! I call myself Pippi g. Uzunchorap, and people (except for my family) call me Gülbeyaz Bayramoğlu. I am a summer girl born in August 1980. My hometown is Asenovgrad,Bulgaria.  When I was 9, my family “decided” to move to Turkey, and we settled down in Bursa (one of the beautiful cities of Anatolia, famous for its mosques, tombs, fabrics, especially silks, Grand Bazaar, candied chestnut, etc.) where I live now. I studied Elementary School Science Education at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, TR). Yet, I am a full time Etsy crafter. I’m single, and have no children. I am the sister of the best brother ever ;), the only daughter of the funniest mom and the wisest gone dad. Lastly, according to me I’m a born-knitter, according to one of my customers I’m “the human knitting machine”! :D

I L O V E yarns, words, greens, books, cats (no, unfortunately, I don’t have one; but, I am one! :D), George Orwell, science (especially reading and thinking about the nature of science), ... and every kind of art (currently, street art sweeps me off my feet!!!).

What is your Craft story?

As  mentioned before, I am a born-knitter because I don’t remember when and where (most probably in Asenovgrad, beside my grandma) I first held knitting needles, or how I learnt to knit. I always remember myself knitting.
However, I remember when I first held a hook: I was a 5th grader, it was summer, I was in Bursa…
I had been knitting and crocheting for myself and friends before Etsy. Throughout the time I have been on Etsy, I've realized that knitting is the only ‘job’ I don’t get tired of - at all - while I’m doing it. I have this feeling that I can knit forever! :D

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to?

In October of 2011, a friend told me about Etsy. About a month later, we opened a cooperative shop together. However,five months later, we decided to have our own Etsy shops. So, on April 29th in 2012, Pippi’s Longstockings started its journey on Etsy.
No, I don’t sell anywhere else. I will keep selling only on Etsy for a while.

What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me: a word, a piece of yarn, a book, a movie, nature, people, a coincidence, a piece of art, a sound, emotions, life, death, the west, the east, Anatolia, the past, the future, history, science, numbers, the unknown, wisdom, ignorance, tales, courage, fear, resistance, the clouds, the stars, explanations, originality, mosquitos, needles, stones, blanks, crabs, walls, ideas, “Animal Farm”, “1984”, M. Kemal Atatürk, hands, trees, a pencil, bee orchids, bees, Galápagos Islands, Machu-Picchu, mom, the witches, Jeanne d'Arc, Büyük Ev Ablukada’da, Joan Baez, street art, www, etc.

What makes your work special and different from others

First of all, the nature of handmade itself makes my work special and unique; because every handmade item is unique even when it is made by the same person with the same material(s)with the same techniques. Secondly, Pippi’s Longstockings offers (almost) only handknits and crochets of my own designs: Pippi’s originals. ,))

Thank you so much Pippi!!! Please don't forget to visit her in her wonderful shop!


  1. looks great!!
    and it's truly exciting!!
    thanks so much Jane!
    appreciate it!



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