Meet Cecilia of Mimok on Etsy

Meet dear Cecilia, the awesome woman and artist behind Mimok
 Your name and Where you live
I'm Cecilia and I'm from Madrid, Spain. Actually I'm living in the north of Spain, so I like to say I'm between different cities.
  What is your Craft story? 

Well, when I was a child my parents bought me educational and creative toys. I've never had dolls...always puzzles, plastic bead packets, creative books...I think we retain what we learn as children, so my craft story began with my creative toys. Also, I spent many hours at MAN (Spanish National Archaeological Museum) especially at the Egyptian room, I admired the Egyptian tombs and cosmology. 
I remember there were some showcases with egyptian necklaces, made of natural turquoise, alabaster & lapis gemstones. As a history lover I wanted to have my own jewelry, as a hallmark....and with the Egyptian pieces as an inspiration, I began beading.
 That's the beginning of my Jewelry story, and I hope it will continue as I really love beading and creating new and unique pieces. 

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to? 

I found Etsy while browsing the web. One day, I found a site where people sell their creations and got shocked! I wanted to be a part of it!! 
Before, I used to sell my earrings in my neighborhood stores, and also my family and friends called me when they needed something special or unique pieces to give as gifts. 
Actually, I only sell at Etsy and to my friends, and their friends, and their know, as we said in Spain "de boca en boca" (word of mouth) 

What inspires you? 

Without a doubt History gives me the inspiration. As historian I love to recreate the essence of the past, so when I create new pieces, I do it by thinking of moments, characters or and environments. Also I find inspiration at Modernist Art because of their shapes, colors, and compositions
What makes your work special and different from others?

Despite the globalization I like to think each person has their own personality, all of us are a part of the society but above all we have a name, a past, a family, friends, mind, likes and dislikes...and everything we do is marked by our essence. 
I try to create unique and original pieces, and I’m happy about giving them a part of my personality and mood. The man will be remembered for his actions, and my pieces are a part of mine, so I want to be a part of my work, for now and ever. 

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you, Jane!
- Please see Cecilia's beautiful works in Mimok


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