Meet Chandra of A Stylish Little Lady (Blog)

About Me +The Blog + Inspiration: Hello, my name is Chandra.I'm a
soul partner.  etsyholic.  vintage seeker.  daydreamer of beautiful
things. lover of peppermint gum, and have a quirky affection for

ribbon.  I blog at A Stylish Little sweet little escape

filled with inspiration, creativity, and a small dose of me. My blog

started as a way for me to catalog my loves..namely art, fashion,

food, and handmade goodies.  It has evolved into a community that

shares similar interest with a diverse group of readers who seek to
support and embrace the creative talents of others. It is my space
where I choose to write about the beautiful things in life and promote
a positive yet creative lifestyle through fashion, food, crafting,
photography, and art. When people stop by, my hope is that they will become
inspired, daydream a little, and leave with a smile.

Future of the Blog: I hope to continue this blog with the purpose of
showing how everyone can live a creative life in style, regardless of

background or budget.  Living a stylish life is not just about the

clothes you wear, but the way you express yourself and choose to live

your life. It is finding your creative side (even if you are not an

artist or designer) and the discovery of how unique you are and

accepting that and allowing others to see it too. I want to continue
to grow a community that is diverse in its interest, positive in its
thinking, and embraces and supports one another. I would like to
continue to showcase emerging artist and bring uniquely inspired
content that will inspire us all.

Blog Differences + Advice: My blog is different because I choose to
write about what I love and not necessarily what is popular. I like
the idea of not being "labeled" or considered to fall in a particular
category.  Because the blog is diverse and the content is unique,
there's always a little surprise or something unexpected. That's what
makes my blog different.  When you show up each day, you never know
what you will find.
My advice...write what you are passionate about. It's ok to blog about
things that others may not and JUST BE YOU. With there being so many
blogs online, seek to be unique and provide a space where readers will
not only be engaged in your content, but grow with you as your writing
evolves.  And the numbers game...don't get caught up in the number of
followers you have.  If the blog is good, there will be people there
to read it.

Thank you Jane!

*** Thank you, Chandra! Please visit her blog for more awesomeness!


  1. dear jane,

    you, by far, are one of the most talented people i have had the pleasure of getting to know. thanks for having me over at your spot and i wish you nothing but continued success in whatever you put your creative mind to;)


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