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Meet Ollie of Betty Buckinghamshire on Etsy

Ollie is one of the most beautiful people I've ever 'met.' And it gives me the outmost pleasure to have her here so you can meet her to. I am learning many new things about her through this interview. One of the things I love most about her is how open and full of life she is.  An awesome and very talented woman is Ollie of Betty Buckinghamshire and Betty B Vintage
A little about yourself My name is Ollie and I'm 54 years old. I live in the UK on the South Coast in Hastings. Hastings is a small town full of very individualistic - some may say slightly eccentric, creative people – and I love it!
My father was Nigerian and my mother English/Welsh but I was brought up by my aunt and uncle in Buckinghamshire then Surrey – places that in the 1960/70s hardly knew black people existed!
I left home when I was 16 and moved to London after a year or two.Having studied fashion and textiles for a couple of years in my 20s and after running 4 market stalls a week I opened a shop, The…

Opinion: Nonjudgemental

Apparently there are nonjudgemental beings.  This I think most fascinating because I can't see how one can be as such.  We grow up being fed all kinds of values and morals.  Even our language is taught to us. All we came with are sounds that no one understood, so we learned to speak what the people around us spoke.  We learned to dress the way they said was appropriate: girls wear dresses, and boys wear trousers. Yes, now girls wear trousers and boys wear dresses as well, but these  girls used to get curious looks, and now the boys get curious glances.  So by the time we are up and about into 'our own minds,' which is the bits we've gathered and chosen to rule our lives by, we are very judgmental beings.

Now, most of us who claim to be nonjudgemental mean that we do not disagree with other people's morals or ways of life.  How is this possible?  How are we able to grow up thinking that people ought to only eat vegetables, only to meet someone who only eats meat a…

Personal Style: One Cool Brooch Pin

1. Brooch Pin - An Astrid Endeavor 2. Shirt - Old Navy 3. Pants - Old Navy 4. Shoes - Marhalls 5. Bracelets & Necklaces - Mawusi

Cool DIYs

If I get a minute this week, I am going to make something to help me relax! I was going through Pinterest with this in mind and I thought I did share some of my finds here! Click on the images to be directed to the pages for your DIY BLISS! Happy Friday!  -J

Grad School Diary: The Symphony to Handing in Papers

I handed in my proposals today, along with my last commentary.  I only have to worry about the real papers, and the finals, but I will start that worrying on Monday. For now I am humming very loudly to reaching a finish line.  Seriously, I did a little dance when I stepped out of my last class this evening. The air tasted exciting, the full moon felt like a personalized gift. I fell in love with everything and hummed inside my head all the way home...and I am still humming!

-J P.S In my next life, I would love to be a ballet dancer. Not to perform for anyone, but as a way to move to my moods.

Papers are Peppers

Eyes hurt, head hurts, and I've been eating non stop and gulping down loads of tea -- all because I am so lucky to have three papers due tomorrow. (yay!) Good news is they're all almost done! Can't wait to start complaining about something else like...sorry, can't think at the moment. Hope your wednesday is going bloodshot eyes or anything in that category of fun.


Meet Annie of Tarnished & True on Etsy

And today you meet the cool and talented Annie, the artist behind Tarnished and True.
A little about your self I am Annie Smith, the artist behind Tarnished & True, my handmade jewelry shop.  I also mother two kids, wrangle puppies, garden, and love a good outdoor adventure.

What is your Craft story? I came into metal smithing in college where I was required to take two semesters of a three dimensional art-like pottery, sculpture, or metals.  Metals was the only class that worked with my busy schedule, and thank goodness, because I was in love the first time I cut a line in a piece of copper!  I always thought I was a painter but now I know that working in metal is my true passion.  It just feels right.

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to? My family moved to Portland for my husband’s work.  Having left my old routine behind, I found I had an opportunity to put my focus on something new, something I was really inspired by, and so I started desig…

Opinion: On Melancholy

One of the most influential essays I have read thus far is Edmund Burke's On the Sublime and Beautiful.  It has change my perspective on many things, or perhaps it has encouraged me to look at things through a different tint. Burke argues that pleasure and pain belong firmly in their own corners, so that when one is not in pain, it means not that they are in pleasure but rather in a certain state between these two emotions.

My thoughts are here because I have been thinking about the beauty of melancholy. I have always felt that there is a beauty to it. Especially when it is within matters of the heart, and there isn't any fear of immediate physical danger.  Melancholy, to me has a lot in common with the sublime. In my mind's eye, melancholy often carries a sense of grandeur: one always make it out to be bigger than oneself——we often describe ourselves as being lost in it; overwhelmed by it; controlled by it; it sweeps us into moans which are pleasing to us in heavy ways. …

Personal Style: Dear, Dear Overalls

Pondering what to wear to school, I saw Chandra in her overalls and thought that was a great answer. Love this overalls; had a pair in khaki too, but it got awfully stained and I had to say farewell... I've had them forever...or almost forever -- so many memories. See my sweet and fun new necklace from An Astrid Endeavor. I love that it is not fixed into place and I can therefore play with it and wear it anyhow I wish. In the last photo, my new school bag - which I absolutely adore, sits on top of my head. I stumbled upon her in Marshalls for $24.99 ^_^

Knit Top and Canvas shoes - H&M Overalls - Gift  Necklace - An Astrid Endeavor Bracelet and Hair Piece - Mawusi  Bag - Marshalls
Have a beautiful weekend! -Jane

Mawusi Updates

I just finished shooting for my 'How I Rock it!' series and I am excited about editing and posting them tomorrow - should be up by noon. By now you should know I can't stick to a subject. Always off-topic. Any ways, the Fair at Ridgewood Market went well. For a minute there, my bracelets were popular, then out of no where came this fashion forward young lady! I wanted everything she had on. Turns out she wanted everything I was selling too. And so she made my day by buying this, this, this and loved this so much she wanted it custom made in sunflower yellow.

Meeting Andre made me so happy so immediately blogged about it. Unfortunately I don't have new items in shop this week because I am unable to shoot them. But I have loads of new items coming soon. And unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my table at the fair because I forgot my camera. I attempted a few shots with my ipod but the quality is awful and I am a snob when it comes to bad quality images. So I won…

Grad School Diary: How Research Papers Begin

On Monday I went to bed ridiculously early. I do this sometimes when I am feeling  meh. Around midnight I woke up and couldn't sleep. As I listened to the loud traffic outside: which I actually like - my apartment being right next to the highway - I realized with a start that my paper proposals were due next week and that I was still uncertain what to  write about. Nor had I done any great research!

This threw me off balance so I started panicking. I got out of bed -- it would be impossible to sleep in that state of mind, even have a few new pimples to show for the stress. I had to make some changes. The first thing I did was to log off of Facebook so it's not always in my face - stalking is now postponed.  I also had to work out a way to minimize my obsession with Mawusi. You might be surprised how much time I spend on that little shop. Also, I got rid of my laundry. It had been sitting there for weeks.  Then I had to make sure everything was well organized, including my clo…

How Do I Say Goodbye, Smash!

I did love to say I never, ever, ever watch TV and not have my fingers crossed in my pockets or somewhere where unwanted eyes could prod, but there are a few shows that I find very delightful. At the beginning of this year they were three. Then Fringe went and said goodbye. Now, it seems that Smash is going away too. I love this musical series with its overly dramatic performances. What is a musical if not overly dramatic? After I first saw The Sound of Music  I did try for a few days to only converse through singing. Until everyone around me just wouldn't let me have my way anymore. Be kind to children!

Smash has kept me warm on many cold days. I love disappearing into the characters lives, cheering, booing, awwww-ing...all the good emotions. I love Katharine McCphee as Karen Cartwright, and I have developed the biggest crush on Jack Davenport as shiny horned Derek! Just hearing him bark makes me happy. There is at the moment some serious drama going on between these loves of mi…

Meet Chandra of A Stylish Little Lady (Blog)

About Me +The Blog + Inspiration: Hello, my name is Chandra.I'm a soul partner.  etsyholic.  vintage seeker.  daydreamer of beautiful things. lover of peppermint gum, and have a quirky affection for
ribbon.  I blog at A Stylish Little sweet little escape
filled with inspiration, creativity, and a small dose of me. My blog
started as a way for me to catalog my loves..namely art, fashion,
food, and handmade goodies.  It has evolved into a community that
shares similar interest with a diverse group of readers who seek to support and embrace the creative talents of others. It is my space where I choose to write about the beautiful things in life and promote a positive yet creative lifestyle through fashion, food, crafting, photography, and art. When people stop by, my hope is that they will become inspired, daydream a little, and leave with a smile.
Future of the Blog: I hope to continue this blog with the purpose of showing how everyone can live a creative life in style, regardless of

Etsy Favs: Handmade Bags


A Global Village

There was a lovely vending event at Ridgewood yesterday and while I was there with everything crossed that I will successfully sell the things I had made——the reason I am still very sore. The last thing on my mind was to meet anyone of great interest. And yet, the highlight of the event was a woman I met.

She passed by at first, and I smiled at her, as I smile at everyone at these events——which is why by the time it was over my face felt like a headache. She moved on to the next table and talked to the vendor there, then through their conversation, she wondered if we were together, as we both use African prints and yarn as the foundation for our work. I answered her, and through that I found out that she's been to Ghana recently. The best part is that she was in my village. This was incredible news to me. My village is small and doesn't attract many tourists. But then she wasn't a tourist. She worked at Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL). A Ghanaian fabric making cooperation…

Grad School Diary: Gallery Pass

I hated not being able to use a student discount, or a free student pass when I graduated college. Then Grad school started and I thought there comes the student discounts, Woot! The funny thing is I'm yet to rake in my student privileges. I don't frequent museums as I had hoped to. I find myself a little too busy these days. When I do go to an exhibition, I tend to go to the Met, and shamelessly donate like a quarter or something (When I am rich, I promise to give back). Else I go on a free day - or as I like to call it Sardine Festival. A week ago, I went to the Neue Galerie with my good friend. It was her idea. Left to my own devices I will be home cowing about one thing or the other.

As the museum is now free on the first Friday of the month, there was a queue about two and a half blocks long! (I am not exaggerating) - understandable for the museum is tiny, and in my opinion expensive. The years waiting in line paid off when we finally saw their current exhibition of Germ…

Broadway Play Review - The Trip to Bountiful

Now on preview at the Stephen Sondhen Theatre is the new play The Trip to Bountifulby Horton Foote. Directed by Michael Wilson. The play is scheduled to open on April 23rd. I was watching a review of this play on NY1 during the past weekend and felt a curiosity to see Cicely Tyson on Broadway. It is quite a story that she wanted to come back to Broadway in a good play before she called it quit.

The stage for this performance is ingeniously done. The setting is Houston, then Harrison, then 'Bountiful'——all in Texas.  I went to the play without any expectation but the curiosity to see Tyson. The only place I have ever paid any mind to Vanessa Williams is in Ugly Betty,  where I loved to despise her. Here she is Jessie Mae, a bossy and self-centered wife. Still playing the heartless lady, though somewhat diluted, she nags and nags like a female dog and treats her mother-in-law (Tyson) without any respect. My friend thought that she played the role very naturally. And yet, I was …

Meet Cecilia of Mimok on Etsy

Meet dear Cecilia, the awesome woman and artist behind Mimok  Your name and Where you live I'm Cecilia and I'm from Madrid, Spain. Actually I'm living in the north of Spain, so I like to say I'm between different cities.   What is your Craft story?  
Well, when I was a child my parents bought me educational and creative toys. I've never had dolls...always puzzles, plastic bead packets, creative books...I think we retain what we learn as children, so my craft story began with my creative toys. Also, I spent many hours at MAN (Spanish National Archaeological Museum) especially at the Egyptian room, I admired the Egyptian tombs and cosmology. 
I remember there were some showcases with egyptian necklaces, made of natural turquoise, alabaster & lapis gemstones. As a history lover I wanted to have my own jewelry, as a hallmark....and with the Egyptian pieces as an inspiration, I began beading.
 That's the beginning of my Jewelry story, and I hope it will continue as …

Etsy Favs: Handmade For Her


Opinion - Shy

I found myself browsing my new favorite blog yesterday evening, and I read a post which aims to encourage women to show their faces without makeup——this made me smile. Most of my friends wouldn't probably describe me as shy. This would have a lot to do with what I wear and how I 'carry' myself. I am not shy about walking out of the house looking crazy; I am also not shy about talking to strangers. In fact I love talking to people I am just meeting: I get shy afterwards. Some people are shy before the first conversation, I am shy before the second and the third. The thing is, usually when we meet someone for the first time, we know nothing about them. So I tend to be excited about getting to untie the ribbons and enjoy slowly tearing away the wrapping.  If they impress me, I become shy about meeting them in the future because I worry that they might not find me as interesting. I imagine during the time between our first meeting, they would have realized that I am really ju…

Personal Style: A Red Dress

My new favorite dress. The color is such a sweet thing to  smile about. And I am not smiling because I really didn't feel like it. Perhaps next time I will. 

1. Red Dress - Marshalls 2. Cardigan - Daffy's 3. Skirt - Gift from Ghana 4. Necklace - Gift from Egypt 5. Tights - Marshalls  6. Shoes - Marshalls 7. Hairpiece, bracelets & Belt - Mawusi