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Summary of 2012 and New Year Resolution

As this even numbered year walks out for an odd one, we reflect on what we've accomplished.  Here are six ways in which I grew this year.

1. Blogging:
Though this blog started in 2011, it was truly this year that I put in more efforts into making it a proper weekly blog. I ended weakly, but, I am proud of how far the blog came this year. The year begun with one follower, and now it is followed by  N I N E T E E N people! How cool is that? Thank you all so much, for sticking with me through 2012.

2. Friendship:
I have learned to be a bit better at the friendship thing this year.  I have been working on putting more effort into remaining friends with the people I care about. I have been working on not focusing too much on the flaws of friends, but rather on what make them awesome people.

3. Learning to Love:
I fell in love this year. To my amazement, actually. I thought I would be one of those people who never did that. I thought love was just one of those clich├ęs that the movies l…

While I Was Away

I did state that my Finals was one of the reasons why I wouldn't blog for those past 23 days, and that the other was my Shop.

You see, I am to working on making my shop into my job at the moment. I don't mind hard work, I love crocheting, and I am crazy enough to try.

There were a couple of orders I needed to complete, and I also had to make new things for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. I  Hope some of you were there. I Shared a table with two really awesome Etsy shop Owners; Funky Dada and InI Vibez.

Things were a bit weird.  And so therefore (you use such wordy phrases in essays that you've no clue what to talk about, and you just want to fill-up the page so you can reach the acceptable page count) I had tons of fun!

Ah but it's the day after Christmas! How was your Christmas? And what are your plans for New Years Eve?! Kindly share ^_^

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas, Mates!!!!

I made you an ecard! Have a beautiful Christmas!

Made it Back Before Christmas

I have been gone for 23 days! And you are still here! To all my old readers, thank you for staying, and to my new ones; welcome! Thanks for following!! I was away mostly because of my finals, and partly because of Mawusi. I hate finals, and I spend more time writing papers I don't wish to write because most of the time goes into procrastinating. I therefore needed all that time to get stuff done right. I also had to crochet to sell at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar! More on all that later.

But all that is over now! I am joyous about the holidays. I've already started stuffing my face. As I write this, I am also finishing-off a whole vanilla pound cake. This cake is sooooo good, I can't stop eating it.  My motto for these holidays is "Too much of a good thing is bad, except when you've survived the end of the world!" I have decided to pretend that the world did end :)

Here is to delicious holidays full of awesome bites that you can sweat-off in January, laughter f…

Guns N' Roses & Aerosmith - Mama Kin Live

Hey there! HAPPY FIRST DAY of December. This is to rocking this year out in style. We have had eleven months to keep things on the mellow. This is our last chance to own 2012! ( Like we can own anything) So here's to the beginning of a rocking month. Finish HARD *_*
* Sound is not that good. But it's soo lively. Enjoy, and have a blast this weekend.
Thanks for reading and watching. Best, Jo