Personal Style: A Thrift Dress & My Oldest Coat

Last week passed without a "How I Rock it" because I was unable to shoot. The light was very bad inside. This week, I took it to the park. Made possible by my brother! Here, I tried to make the pictures as candid as possible ;) Oh, and meet my tweed jacket! My favorite coat ever! It's a size 10, and I'm a size 2. It's also a little over 8 years old, and the very first jacket/coat I ever owned. It contains many holes, which I find entertaining to count and stitch when I'm bored.

Do you own anything that you can't bring yourself to let go, despite its age?
I think this is going to be my signature sign off! 
Sweater - H&M
ASOS Dress - Thrifted
Print Bandanna - Thrifted
Tights - Marshalls
Coat - Gift from my Ma ;)
Leg Warmers - H&M
Rocket Dog Boots - Marshalls (Yes, I have a thing for rocket dog =])
Snood / cowl - Mawusi
Bracelet - Mawusi
Belt - Mawusi


  1. I love the bandana and can't believe that's your oldest coat, I would buy that in a second. It's very classy! Tights are awesome as well, love me a bit of wine in the autumn. :)
    If you fancy some new music to listen to, feel free to check out my blog!

    Thanks! Tali x

    1. Ah Tali, Thanks for the compliment-packed comment! I do take too good care of my cloths. Yes, I love music. I'm following you right back ;)



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