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Thursday Etsy Treasury - I Want These...

Title: I want These. Tree or no Tree
Curator: Mawusi

*Please click on the title, or the picture to visit the original treasury to access the individual shops.

How Goes? Here's a Little Note

The fall semester is almost over, and I have some 'A's to bag. This is why I am trying to catch up on notes, and work on my papers. The rest of the time I am on Etsy, doing God knows what. It always feels a bit insane. I had this craving, a few minutes ago, to write a poem, but I am afraid of what I might write, so I am writing here instead. Trying to kill the desire.

Here is to the hope that your Thursday rests where a rainbow sits. And that you are being a lot more braver.


Meet Reese of Futuristically Ancient (blog)

Reese is an old mate of mine from college. I have followed her blog for sometime now, and often found her posts fascinating; especially her opinions on African media, and current African trends. I have begged her to let me feature her on here, and this is what we came up with. I hope you will enjoy this piece and also go check out Reese's page!

Where are you from?  I am from Queens, New York City. I was born in Brooklyn to Caribbean parents. 
How do you describe yourself? To put it simply I am a writer, blogger,  and a poet. In other words, I want my thoughts to be inside your head, and the ones you do not forget. (Muhahaha!). I want to find the meaning of life with words and see how words twist, shape and change the reality around me, and those around me. I want to be, as I have written before, the flower of words, blooming and growing everyday.
What are some of your interests? I own a blog; Aker: Futuristically Ancient; in which I explore the cultures of the African diaspora through …

Oh Man!

I've been up, and about. The days feel like a blur. It feels like I have no time to seat and just be. Empty my head, and float into everything around me, or just be. I don't know how to explain it. But when you are successful at just being, you feel nothing and you feel everything. You are weightless, and you can observe yourself, and everything around you without any real interest. It's weird. But it feels good.

And oh I have been doing some exciting things. I did my very first selling event this Saturday at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. It was really fun, and I sold a couple of things. Also I got good feed back. It seems that my Headband/ Necklace / Belt is quite sweet. It got a lot of attention. Made me really happy because I love that crazy thing. I will be back there on the 8th so if you are in the neighborhood, do stop by!

On Friday, I went shopping! Well, for yarn. It seems that I have lost interest in buying cloths for the moment. So I went yarn hunting and  Michaels…

Miles Davis - The Pan Piper

Happy Weekend.


Black Friday Sale and New in Mawusi (Shop)

Happy Black Friday! Here's the newest item in Mawusi. If you shop between now and the 26th, you get 15% off your entire purchase. Just enter the coupon code BLACFRIDAY1 during check out! Click on picture to see item in shop. Thank you.

Thursday Treasury - Shades of Green

Title: Shades of Green
Curator: Cecilia from Jewelry Beautiful Moon

I am posting this week's Etsy treasury today because I won't be here tomorrow. Usually the treasuries I post are ones curated by myself, but I think it's a good idea to post awesome treasuries that feature Mawusi, too!

*Please click on the title, or the picture to visit the original treasury to access the individual shops. Also click on Cecilia's shop's name above to be directed to her shop! She's actually having a sale right now! Again, happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful, Check!

Tomorrow is a bad day for turkeys, but a good day for many of us. We'll be seeing those family members that we can only stand to see twice a year. We get to celebrate surviving Sandy, though we might have lost a lot to her whims, we are still here to try again. We will have a good excuse to eat like there's no tomorrow; and somewhere between the food-coma and the joy of sharing with relations, and love ones we may visit some of the reasons why we are so very lucky, and ought to be thankful this year. Here are some five things that I am very grateful for amongst several others.

1. My crazy family. Especially my mum, who is yet to kick me out :)
2. My most annoying boyfriend who works so hard to meet my sky-high expectations. I love you, Namra.
3. My amazing, awesome India, without who, there will be no outlet for my evil side. And my many sorrowful venting.
4. The opportunity of Mawusi; a rather challenging attempt of self employment albeit an enjoyable one.
5. All of you who …

Personal Style: Bundle up

Jacket - H&M
Sweater Dress - H&M
Pants - Foever 21
Bag - Daffy's
Converse - Marshalls
Belt - Mawusi

How Much is Happiness Going for These Days?

There seems to be a great price for happiness. But is there? We spend a big portion of our lives chasing after happiness' sweeping gown. And we are often unable to catch her, or hold onto her when we do. Are we doing it all wrong then?

Our society preaches often, that money is a big percentage of the happiness pie. And we are encouraged to slave for money in the hopes that it will keep us smiling and laughing often. But is this true? In my own experience, I am usually more happy with less money than with more money. Let me explain.

When I work primarily for money, it means that I do whatever I have to do. I do more hours, stress about working for someone who doesn't appreciate my hard-work, stress about saving, stress about some of the people I work with who do nothing and love to boss everyone about, stress about getting a raise, stress about getting paid for every freaking minute, stress about saving more. The list goes on. But when I work just so I can meet my basic needs,…

Michael Bublé - Lost

And it is Saturday, now :). Lovely isn't it? You thought it did never come? I actually thought it came too quickly. Well, we are going to have some SERIOUS fun this morning, or whatever time it is that you feel a bit daring, because this kind of fun takes a bit of courage!

It will be nice if you have a favorite album ready in your CD Player that you can slow dance to. You are going to need  it.

Okay, so open the windows! Wait, are you in your great bathrobe? You know, that one that could possible hide all the Seven dwarfs? You probably got it from your father, or was it your mother? Or did you steal it from that boyfriend who is no longer a boyfriend? You naughty-naughty :). But it is very soft, isn't it? And you always feel like a lovely you, when you are wrapped in it! (Mine used to my Ma's)

Very good then! Go ahead and drag those shutters all the way up! You need light. Now bust those windows open, let the curtains dance. It doesn't matter that it is cold. Your bat…

Etsy Treasury - Pop 'em Colors

I thought I won't be able to post today. I made some sales on Etsy, and had to finish them off! And I did finish on time, so though a bit late, here's this Thursday's Etsy Treasury List!

Title: Pop 'Em Colors
Curator: Mawusi

*Please click on the title or the picture to visit the original treasury so as to be able to access the individual shops. Also click on the curator's name to be directed to the treasury creator's shop!

Off Broadway Play Review - My Name is Asher Lev

I went to see My Name is Asher Lev -  a new Off-Broadway play by Aaron Posner. Directed by Gordon Eldelstein. Having done absolutely no research on it, I was clueless of it being based on a novel by Chaim Potok: a new name to me, and an addition to my must-read list.  I didn't also know the location of the Westside Theatre. It was my first time there. I was three minutes late for that reason.

The theater isn't fancy and I noticed it was about half full when I rushed in. The stage,  is pretty cool: a setting to take us back to 1950s Brooklyn, then Manhattan.  I thought things were mellow enough for me to eat my peanuts just as the play begun. I was wrong. Despite there being no old ushers wheezing about to give me the glaring eye, or what I have come to term "the whispered warning to a nincompoop," I lost much interest in by bag of roasted …

Personal Style: Print Abuse

This is for some of those days when I'm feeling overly confident. You meet, my favorite Betsy Johnson tights! I got it in Marshalls for less than $5. It now has a huge hole in it, but who cares?
So that we are clear. I haven't bought any new cloths in months. I have this funny habit where I go shopping and buy a lot of things, come home try them all on for hours, freak out about how much they are costing me and then return most of my purchases, if not all of them. The other thing, is I tend to leave my new purchases hanging in my closet until they start to scream at me. I don't know why I do this things. However, it's the number one reason why most of my clothes are from years back!
Now, what do you like to wear on days when your feet won't touch the ground?  Scarf - Oscar de la Renta - thrifted (Housing Works)
 Earrings - Some open market.
 Kaba Lace Top - Custom made in Ghana - I've had this top since I was 18.
 Skirt - Marshalls (Got it about four years ago…

A Crochet Story

In the fourth grade, I was anti-social. The trend those days, growing up in Ghana, was that most of my female classmates crocheted. They sat in a lovely circle on the play ground, gossiped, and crocheted! I never asked who taught them, I assumed their parents or friends did. I wanted to learn but didn't want to have to hang out with them in "their silly little circle" in order to do so (I was a bit messed up back then, a little more so than I am today =]). Ma didn't know how to crochet either so I was forced to make a decision.

I singled out one of the girls and started talking to her. After a week or two, I asked Jemima to teach me how to crochet. She tried, and tried, but when the school term ended, I was yet to get it. I practiced during school vacation, all by myself, up in my favorite tree. When my fingers were sore, I dropped nuts on my brothers' and cousin's heads (like I said, I had a couple of issues).

I can't recall exactly when I started reall…

Lenny Kravitz - Bring it On

THIS is like one of my FAVORITE songs. I never seem to get enough, it's hard not to just start jumping to it: no matter how I'm feeling, where I am , who I'm with. It's got some strong ropes around my heart. The sound quality isn't very good, but I wanted to share a representation of the excitement it arouses. The lyrics are below. Sing along, It's fun.  Have a ROCKING Weekend!

I'm gonna walk by faith
Gonna raise my sword
I'm gonna fight my battle
I'm gonna praise my Lord

It's getting heavy
But I'm ready
To take on this world and rock steady
So come on, bring it on

I'm gonna face my demons
Gonna tear them down
I'm gonna keep on moving
Gonna make my sound

It's getting heavy
But I'm ready
To take on this world and rock steady
So come on, bring it on

Bring it on
Oh bring it on
Bring it on
Oh bring it on

Bring it on
Oh bring it on
Bring it on
Oh bring it on...


New In Mawusi (Shop)

Happy Friday!
So here's what new in Mawusi, my Etsy shop! Please take a peek.

Etsy Treasury

Curator: Mawusi
Title: Gold and Silver

*Please click on the title or the picture to visit the original treasury so as to be able to access the individual stores. Also click on the curator's name to be directed to the treasury creator's store!

Note to Followers

To my awesome followers, THANK YOU so much for choosing to follow my blog!  It means so much to me that you are here to read my little confused thoughts, grammatical errors and blahs.  Please keep sharing your awesome thoughts with me. They are beautiful and I can learn more from you by reading them!

I plan on sponsoring give-aways here soon ;). It may be from my shop or from another Etsy shop so don't leave me cold. Let's huddle together.


A Little on My Mind

It's been prominent on my mind these past few months that we almost never get sufficient gratitude from where we invest our immense acts of kindness, nor do we get enough from those we expect so much from. Not that we always want something back when we give, but it seems to me that, a lot of times when I give somewhere, I get from another: an unexpected someone. This is a beautiful thing. It certainly encourages that we give without expecting anything from those we do so with; that we wait to be surprised by them that the Universe so chooses to give back to us, when it's our turn to be helped.

Working in a place that encouraged tipping, I was often surprised, and not often amused that the customers who demanded more than their money's worth, and who recieved far greater service than is the norm, were often those who demanded even more, left unsatisfied, and left the tip jar empty, or with a quarter or two. And those to whom I barely gave my full attention, were often thos…

Have You Voted Yet?

Exercise your right!

Personal Style: A Thrift Dress & My Oldest Coat

Last week passed without a "How I Rock it" because I was unable to shoot. The light was very bad inside. This week, I took it to the park. Made possible by my brother! Here, I tried to make the pictures as candid as possible ;) Oh, and meet my tweed jacket! My favorite coat ever! It's a size 10, and I'm a size 2. It's also a little over 8 years old, and the very first jacket/coat I ever owned. It contains many holes, which I find entertaining to count and stitch when I'm bored.

Do you own anything that you can't bring yourself to let go, despite its age?
Sweater - H&M
ASOS Dress - Thrifted
Print Bandanna - Thrifted
Tights - Marshalls
Coat - Gift from my Ma ;)
Leg Warmers - H&M
Rocket Dog Boots - Marshalls (Yes, I have a thing for rocket dog =])
Snood / cowl - Mawusi
Bracelet - Mawusi
Belt - Mawusi

Monday, it is!

Yesterday was really beautiful. Cold but a layering bug like me knows how to handle that little situation. Just walked out of my glass bottle wearing everything in my wardrobe! Well, Monday's here now, a little too soon in my opinion. Perhaps you are prepared but I find that I am behind in everything.

I am coming back around, though slowly. It feels a bit scary, when you wake up and you aren't where you were dreaming you are :). So to chase away those useless fears, I've been listening to a lot of classical music. They have a good effect on burning away my anxiety. I've also been playing like crazy; Moby's Play. I love that album! Love, love it. Try slow dancing to this album in the dark after work or whatever tonight. It's fun. Just don't bang your head.

All in all have an awesome week. I have loads to catch up to. I know I am being vague and not mentioning all these things that I have to get to, but I have good reasons for that. Trust me! Or trust me not…

To Surviving Sandy, And the Beginning Process of Healing

Tragedies like Sandy leave us raw, angry, hurt, and afraid. Life seems as such. To all of you who have lost something, no matter how big or how little, may time restore it all. But for now, this is for you. We will survive this.

Evgeny Kissin - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto - Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso

Broadway Play Review - The Heiress

The last play I saw this year was Gore Vidal's the Best Man. It was political,  The Heiress isn't.  I will give you little bits of the story here and there.  At Walter Kerr, on 219 W. 48th St, Jessica Chastain bows constantly as Catherine Sloper in her debut role as the heiress.  She plays shy in such a miserable way.  It's sweet and makes you want to protect her, or laugh at her, but never to scream at her 'to cat out of it!'  My friend argues that she wasn't well casted, I say bah! I think she was perfect. Especially since she is debuting and all.

David Strathairn is Dr. Austin Sloper, father to shy Catherine.  Between Dr. Sloper and his daughter, is his dead wife. He polishes her on his imaginary pedestal constantly. Catherine isn't her mother and that is one of things her father can't forgive her for.

Dan Stevens is Morris Townsend, and you might also know him as Cousin Matthew in Downtown Abbey. He plays a hungry Gold Digger. I found him a good la…

Etsy Treasury by Mawusi #2

Title: Brighten the Cold
Curator: Mawusi

*Please click on the title or the picture to visit the original treasury and to be able to access the individual stores. Also click on the curator's name to be directed to the treasury creator's store!

Etsy Treasury by Atelier Denise

Brought to you by Mawusi

Title: Smile
Curator:  Denise

*Please click on the title to visit the original treasury and to be able to access the individual stores. Also click on the curator's name to be directed to the treasury creator's store!