Free Awesome Music Albums at Freegal

I'm on a roll today! This is my third post today, and hopefully, last post for this week! I just really had to share this exciting info. with you!

Here's a former detailed post on how to download music from NYPL's Freegal music. And here's a quick  briefing anyways: It's a music store attached to libraries, and through them, offer you three free music a week! You need to have a library card and a password to download their music. Here's a link through NYPL (click on Freegal Music).

I was working on getting my free weekly music from nypl's Freegal when I noticed that they had some amazing albums that cheapsters like me would appreciate! Below is a list of some current popular albums and singles.  I am all over Karmin's Hello! So much energy!!

Here are a list of some available albums, and singles on Freegal that might be of interest to you. And there are ways to get more than three songs a week, crack your brain a little ;)

1. Lenka - Two
2. Walk Off The Earth - Someone That I Used to Know
3. Karmin - Hello
4. Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival
5. Pink - Blow Me (One last Kiss) [single]
6. The Vines - Future Primitive
7. Usher - Looking 4 Myself
8. Cher Lloyd - Want U Back [single]
9. One Direction - Up All Night
10. Chris Brown - Fortune

Have a blast this weekend!


  1. I've been working my way through your music posts, happily discovering new music! Thank you! Now I'm watching all Walk off the Earth's videos. ;) Happy weekend!

  2. Lisa! I am glad you like them. Some are good for listening and some are best for sweating :)
    I'm finding your blog very insightful. I will be back to learn more, then ask a few questions of my own!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you there! :D


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