Broadway Review: Bring it on the Musical

Based on the movie of the same title, Bring it on the musical is now at the St. James Theater. I saw it this past Thursday evening with a friend, and I had been ready to bet my last penny that it would just suck! I mean, can you believe this is actually on Broadway? I am still a bit flabbergasted that it is!

Truth be told, it wasn't that bad, but you can spend your money on something better. If you really love seeing some attractive girls twirling in the air, then by all means get yourself a ticket. It had a lot of air action! The best part of the musical.

The singing was just horrible and there was nothing original about the story. If you must go, go with a friend, because there will be moments when you want to raise your eyebrows and roll your eyes to an audience. And when the show is over, you might get this strong urge to trash-talk the whole thing and strongly desire your money back. >:)


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