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Oh Yee Boots!

If I am good for the rest of the year, and I don't waste money on another stupid pair of shoes that I don't need, I will get one of these beauties...Oh just choosing, then waiting for it to arrive will be several orgasms! Imagine pairing this masculine inspired shoes with ultra feminine dresses...


Broadway Review: Gore Vidal's The Best Man

The stage is decorated in an awesome attempt to carry us back into the space occupied by the 1960 Presidential Convention in Philadelphia.  Only we're in Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, the hosting location for the revival of Gore Vidal's The Best Man. Directed by Michael Wilson.

Despite it being a tad bit too long with two-ten minutes intermissions (please make it a single intermission of twenty minutes), I enjoyed this play. It has many quirky moments, and the unfamiliar political process of the past era is quite fascinating; though I am assuming a little more ridiculous than it is now.

The play is packed with an amazing cast!  There's James Earl Jones as a dying former President Arthur Hockstade . His character didn't make much sense to me, but I found him hilarious. John Larroquette who I loved in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is Secretary William Russell. An intelligent conscientious man who thought too much about everything.  His ideas for when he …

Fashionable Finds Under $20 -- Dorothy Perkins

Bag $12.00 | Ring $4.00  |  Belt $5.00  |  Necklace $9.00

Sandals $9.00  |  Wedge $12.00  |  Espadrilles $9.00

Collar Top $12.00  |  Scarf Print Top $12.00  |  Strap Tunic $12.00

Print Leggings $17.00  |  Tee $12.00  |  Peg Pants/Capri $12.00

Print Dress $17.00  |  Pink Bird Wrap Dress $12.00  | Flower Print Dress $17.00

Dorothy Perkins

Broadway Review: Bring it on the Musical

Based on the movie of the same title, Bring it on the musical is now at the St. James Theater. I saw it this past Thursday evening with a friend, and I had been ready to bet my last penny that it would just suck! I mean, can you believe this is actually on Broadway? I am still a bit flabbergasted that it is!

Truth be told, it wasn't that bad, but you can spend your money on something better. If you really love seeing some attractive girls twirling in the air, then by all means get yourself a ticket. It had a lot of air action! The best part of the musical.

The singing was just horrible and there was nothing original about the story. If you must go, go with a friend, because there will be moments when you want to raise your eyebrows and roll your eyes to an audience. And when the show is  over, you might get this strong urge to trash-talk the whole thing and strongly desire your money back. >:)

Trendy Vintage Eye Frames Under $15.00

I change my frames annually, because I am sick in the head (Shoot me now, please!) I am not sure I will be doing so this year because I am still in-love with the frame I got last november. They are awesome, they are vintage and they cost me $12.00.  Such good things ought to be shared so I am revealing to you the little Etsy store I got my frames from. The only thing is that they didn't come with any lenses, however my optometrist was able to fix that problem for me. Here are a couple more frames from the same Etsy shop I got my pair. Click on the picture to be directed to the store!

Yerba Mate Tea As a Substitute For Coffee

Yerba mate tea, mostly grown in South America is the leaves of the Yerba mate tree. Traditionally mate is drank in a gourd with a metal strainer straw. Working in at a tea stand forced me to start drinking mate about two months ago. Now every time I feel the need of a little extra boost, I make a cup of mate with some lemon juice or with a touch of cayenne pepper or both >:)! I didn't jump onto the mate wagon as quickly as others might have. I remember thinking "what the heck is that?" Like the Rooibos (aka Red Tea,) it was unfamiliar. And it just didn't look like "tea."

With customers always asking "what does yerba mate tastes like?" And "Is it like coffee?" I gave in and tried mate for myself so I can answer those questions accurately. Yerba mate has an earthy, grassy taste to it and though it is high in mateine or caffeine, its caffeine quantity is not as high as coffee.  Yerba mate also consists of theobromine which studies have …

Off Broadway Review: Voca People

By the time I got out of work on Sunday, I just wanted to go home, close my eyes and shut the world out in that unconscious state of sleep, however, I had a ticket to see Voca People. And I almost never say no to a good free ticket, not even if it is off-off Broadway. In this case it's just one "off." I slugged my way from the Upper West Side to the New World Stages on 340 West 50th St, certain that I will abhor what I assumed is an cappella performance.

To my surprise, I had a good time. The 90 minutes performance is without intermission and by the end of those minutes I was so happy I saw the show. It is funny and very entertaining: there were several moments I would describe as silly, but it was a good kind of silly that leaves one chuckling.

The story is simple: a bunch of white aliens who call themselves Voca People crash onto earth and are out of  fuel to go back home. Singing, they believe, will provide them with all the energy needed to go back home to their fam…

Let's Save Some Money!

Up until my senior year in high school, I was that girl in big ugly t-shirts——sometimes they were borrowed from my brother's laundry basket. I also repeatedly wore this huge cargo jeans, I threw it away when it finally ripped in the crotch. Shows you just how much I cared. Ah the good ol' days. I didn't change much in size. I think I got stuck after 12 or something, I just stopped getting taller! I have this jumper (picture below) from when I was around 12 actually, I still have it today and I wear it when I am high on life, this picture was taken about two years ago, it was my senior year in college :).

The last year of high school, I started this weird thing where I never repeated the same outfit. Like EVER! And the craziness continued up until  my third year in college. Oh, and I layered a lot! I think it was mostly because I got my first job at Marshalls and suddenly there were all these new clothes and accessories and shoes shouting "BUY ME! BUY ME!!" when …

Zara Sale 2012

Yes, Zara's Sale is here. No, I still can't afford anything from there. It will be a sin fo to buy anything. :(
But here are some fun stuff I found because  I can look after all ;)