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Dig Out Yummy Recipes Effortlessly

Summer is wonderfully inspiring. I have always cared a little too much about what I eat. Working in a spice store brings me into contact with all these foodies who know what to do with what, to get excellent results. I am learning and I am being inspired to cook a little bit more, or honestly to make different kinds of milkshakes...remember my new year resolution to stay off diary? It's so not working.

I came across Food52 and I thought wow!!! This is really cool. If ever I find a spice in my mother's cupboard and wish to make something exciting with it,  I just have to put it in their search box and it comes up with the most amazing recipes. For a minute there I was thinking what does one do with cardamom pods and now I have found recipes upon recipes on what to do with these sweet and spicy little pods! Like a wonderful glass of milk shake!

Fashionable Finds Under $20 -- Old Navy

Hello YOU wonderful frugal fashion-lover. Here are some sweet deals from Old Navy that I think you might just love. And it's all UNDER $20!!

1. Chevron-Beaded Multi-Chain Necklace $15 2. Multi-Bauble Chain Necklace $14

1. Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress $18.99 2. Tired-Ruffle  Satin Maxi Dress $17.99

1. Gauze Maxi Skirt $16.99 2. Chambray Trouser Jeans $12.99

1. Black Layered Jersey Dress $14.99 2. Basket-Weave Crossbody Bag $17.50

1. Mid-Wedge Flip-Flop $8.50 2. Lace-Front Espadrille Pop Kicks $15.00

Turmeric Sencha Green Tea

Slightly spicy and earthy, I started this blend because I wanted to drink my turmeric and though it is usually suggested that the spice be added to milk, I am still in the process of getting myself out of the habit of drinking milk.

There are several benefits of the Indian spice, turmeric, here are a list of five:

1. Cleans out your liver 2. Natural anti-flammatory  3. It's used in Chinese medicines to treat depression 4. It's thought to prevent and stop several cancers including breast cancer 5. Known as treatment for joint pains
And there are also several benefits of sencha Japanese green tea:
1. High in antioxidants 2. Helps prevent certain cancers 3. Quickens the metabolism and therefore assists in weight loss 4. known to prevent certain heart diseases 5. Helps slow aging of the body
How I make my tea. I buy the loose sencha green tea and turmeric.  You may use any infuser you care for. I use finum paper filters because I like the smooth finish. I don't like the granu…

Broadway Review: The Common Pursuit

Brought to us by the Roundabout Theater Company is Simon Gray's The Common Pursuit.  Directed by Moisés Kaufman. Now showing at the Laura Pells Theater on 46 Street through the 29th of July. I saw the play on the Thursday evening of May 10th. There are two reasons why I am now doing a review so late: 1. I didn't get it. 2. I was lazy.

We encounter Stuart Thorne (Josh Cooke) in his Cambridge dormitory. Along with his girlfriend Marigold Watson (Kristen Bush). And this was where my confusion took root. Stuart mentions marriage to Marigold at one point, and I thought I understood her reaction. I thought I understood her body language.

The Common Pursuit is the title of a literary magazine that Stuart started at school with a few odd peers who would remain his and Marigold's friends twenty years later. I found Humphry Taylor (Tim McGeever) very interesting. He reminds me a little of my boyfriend, though I actually think Humphry as intelligent as he appears. My boyfriend on the…

First Thrift Haul

Every once in the blue, I buy something from Buffalo Exchange, yet I don't consider it true thrifting. My new obsession with YouTube gave me access to several arrays of thrifted haul videos with amazing finds. So I thought I would give it a go.

I headed up to a Salvation Army between 2nd and 3rd ave (closer to 3rd) on 23rd street with the intension of finding some blazers, I have been wanting to get a really pretty blazer, but every one of which I had come across was too expensive. Here's what I found. And because they are so cheap and thrifted, I hurried them off to the dry cleaners when I got home.

Midnight Blue Harvé Bernard Blazer $6.00

Brown Tweed American nac Traders  - Made in Italy $6.00

Blue Tweed Ashford blazer $3.00

Learning to Ride a Bicycle As An Adult

This morning I woke up not very excited to go to work until I read an email  from my very good friend India. She had the most exciting news. She wrote: "Jane, I learned to ride a bike!!...Your turn!!!"

I don't know how to ride a bicycle. And I am 25. I'm not embarrassed about this situation. I never had a bicycle growing up, and though my brothers learned some how, I never got back on when I tried, and fell at the age of 7. I just forgot about the whole thing. It was only a few years ago that I actually started nourishing the idea to learn how to ride; thinking it would be such a cool way to travel and exercise.

A really nice sorority sister of mine tried to teach me about two summers ago, she even gave me her old bike to practice, yet, I never made it. Another friend of mine who was in my club of not knowing how to ride, just exited the club. And now, so has India. We were supposed to do it together, but it matters not. It is so beautiful when someone masters somet…

A Super Short Review Of A Song of Ice And Fire Series

First a summary of my thoughts on the entire series. One word, commercial. And oh, Mr. Martin, would you please make up your mind? I mean you kill your characters and before I know it they are back as some freaking Zombies. Yes, I agree that the direwolves and dragons are kindda cool but at what time did you decide that a prince who had been 'dead' for so many years should come back to life, accompanied by an unbelievable tale?

The books are still much better than the movies, but I will advice you not to bother reading them. Half of every book are names of characters you meet briefly and most you never meet. It's so confusing already, thanks to the numerous characters, and the fact that when he kills a few, he not only bring them back to life but also adds more characters.

Be prepared to fall in and out of love with your favorite characters soo often that you begin to care less if one falls off a dragon and breaks her pretty white neck or if one becomes a freaking tree an…

Sleep Deprived Machine

Every now and then I get inspired to get back here and try and post daily. Like my budget, I am almost never successful. I don't regret this so much. Nothing means much in the grand scheme of things. Or perhaps it is that nothing means anything because everything is nothing. If I make less sense than usual, it's probably because I have been reading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I am not going to say I will do a book review on it and then probably never do one. If you are interested, NYPL carries a bunch.

What is what? I am tired. Physically tired and emotionally dead. Things are more meh these days than wow! All in all, I don't believe I am depressed, though I tell anyone who would listen that I am awfully depressed. I suppose it's because I went from going to bed around 3am to 4am and waking up whenever I pleased, to going to bed at 10am and waking up at 4am.  If I get good sleep, I stay hyper almost the entire day but this days I mouse about on less than …