Something For Flu Symptoms

The weather refuses to make it's mind and I'm being punished for its indecisiveness.  One moment I was fine and in the next my voice ceased to exist, my throat hurt and I had a nasty female-dog headache, an embarrassing sneeze and a completive cough. Perhaps it is because I have dressed, too often, for a warm day and have ended up strolling through cold rainy days.

I have been forced to continuously nurse a hot mix of turmeric, ginger, lemon, and honey and the effort has been paying off--gradually. [ half a teaspoon of turmeric + a teaspoon of fresh crushed ginger + half teaspoon lemon + a teaspoon of honey mix in about 5-8 oz water ] Why? Do your own research. And I am no Doc. so if this doesn't work for you please don't try to sue me :)

The other excuse for my inconsistent blogging is because I have been lost in the Songs of Ice and Fire. I just started the 5th book today, and should be done by Friday. The book is stuck in my head, even in my dreams! I can't wait to be done with it. I will write a review of all five books later, but just so you know book four is so far, the worst :( feel like I wasted my precious time reading that one.


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