A Fast Daily Workout - Pssst Bikini Season

I have been wanting to make a work-out video for sometime now because I always get compliments like "You look sooo fit! What do you do?!"

Well here are pictures from across the web on what I do. I do all of them under twenty minutes. The aim is to do it five times a week.  Hint; working out to your favorite dance albums makes it all go so quickly and much more enjoyable. You will only know you are sweating when you are done! ;)

1. Stretch for at least two minutes. I like to mimic a ballet dancer when I am stretching. :D I do everything to music.

Credit (2)
2. 100 Jumping Jacks. Build a rhythm with your music and enjoy. Not too slow, not too fast ;)

3. 10 Push-ups. If you are not good at regular push-ups try the "girly" push-ups...about 15 should do. But do try and build-up your muscles with the regular push-ups, there is this feeling you get after doing 10 good regular push ups--irreplaceable ^_^

4. 50 Sit-ups! After a while, you stop feeling it. :( If you like, you can divide it into crunches and sit-ups, much better ache. Every other ten. >:)

Credit (5)
5. Ten side by side  leg lifts. like in the picture. Ten for each leg. You can try two sets of five.

6. Twenty leg lifts. Lie flat on your back or on a yoga mat, put your hands under buttocks for support then try and bring your toes to meet the ground above your head on the floor. If you can't bring them all the way over, bring your legs as far as you can. Don't strain your muscles. Here's a picture

7. Ten Superman. Lie flat on your stomach. With your hands straight in front of you raise your hands and legs rocking on your stomach.  Here is a picture. Click on credit to visit the pages I got the pictures from to read more about the exercises and how they benefit you.

Credit (7)
That's it! I only do one set but if your have the strength, go ahead and repeat all the steps again! Make it fun. Your body deserves it, and so does your mind.


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