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A Fast Daily Workout - Pssst Bikini Season

I have been wanting to make a work-out video for sometime now because I always get compliments like "You look sooo fit! What do you do?!"

Well here are pictures from across the web on what I do. I do all of them under twenty minutes. The aim is to do it five times a week.  Hint; working out to your favorite dance albums makes it all go so quickly and much more enjoyable. You will only know you are sweating when you are done! ;)

1. Stretch for at least two minutes. I like to mimic a ballet dancer when I am stretching. :D I do everything to music.

2. 100 Jumping Jacks. Build a rhythm with your music and enjoy. Not too slow, not too fast ;)

3. 10 Push-ups. If you are not good at regular push-ups try the "girly" push-ups...about 15 should do. But do try and build-up your muscles with the regular push-ups, there is this feeling you get after doing 10 good regular push ups--irreplaceable ^_^

4. 50 Sit-ups! After a while, you stop feeling it. :( If you like, you can divi…

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

The past winter was a shame. A few lame snows and that was it. A bit scary in my opinion but today is the first day of spring so I'm going to let the super nice winter go. Below is my idea of spring 2012. Have a beautiful spring.

Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 Review

Thanks to stress and my inability to stop sipping milk I have more acne than I need.  I have been using salicylic acid products to try and get rid of my acne for about six months now and I still have acne. In the beginning of this month my impatience drove me to switch to benzoyl peroxide and I could no longer use my salicylic acid moisturizer.  After reading several positive reviews on the Eucerin Everyday Protection Face lotion with SPF 30 for sensitive skin, I went to my local beauty supply store and got one.

Big mistake. This thing is not made for me. Or perhaps it's just not made for black skin. It sits on my face like a lavender mask. I can't go out with that. At first I thought it would fade after a few minutes, then after a few hours, but no. It stays there. I thought I used too much so I tried it again in the evening and my face was still purple in the morning. I tried again the second day, using a lot less, and I still had a lavender face after the end of the day.


Six Portraits of Mitt by Steve Brodner

How interesting! There is more here.

Awesome Link On Applying For Jobs On Craigslist

Perhaps it is because I grew up in a community where the individual only exists in "we" and "us," that I have such a hard time selling myself and therefore writing cover letters.  Having written so many of them, I've gotten better, though not that good. I still haven't been able to convey to the employer all the great skills I have and can bring with me as their employee. I think I do ramble. Sometimes I start rambling and end decently and other times I start decently and end up rambling.

Two days ago, I gave in my two weeks notice to my cashiering job. I need something much more challenging; a job with growth potentials that would utilize my education and great customer service experiences. So I started sending out applications again, then I thought to google, "How to apply for jobs on Craigslist." It turned up this good post.  It's a bit old but it is the most sensible, "How To" job application post I have yet read! I should write…

Runway: Spring 2012 Couture


Broadway Review: Spider-Man (Turn Off The Dark)

This is how I felt :(. A lot of :( . I guess I had low expectations from the very beginning because all I could hope for was that someone would fall and break a neck! Now, that's horrible, even more horrible because I wasn't the only one who thought it and talked about it. I went with a small group of people and that's all anyone could talk about 0:).

The opening music was exotic and I thought  "Oh this might be really good." But that was it! Rather unfortunate, too! The opening performance is very different from the remainder of the scenes. I suppose the stage is a bit too "contemporary" for me. I was yawning tears before the first Act was over, and couldn't wait to fly out of my chair after the final act. All in all, the story was nothing exciting and the music was not too awful, but it was just so weird to see Spiderman singing——it didn't feel right. It felt like "boo-hoo Spider-Man, boo-hoo!"

Perhaps I don't get it because I a…

Went Shopping!

All I wanted to do yesterday was to return some books I had borrowed from the library and to go find a gigantic button for a project I've been working on. But after my chore, I remembered that my best mate  had some really nice things to say about Joe Fresh, so I went to see what it was all about...then to Old Navy because I haven't been to a physical Old Navy in months! Below is what happened :(

Joe Fresh Left - Right
1&4. Original Price (OP): $16  each What I Paid (WIP): $5 each
2. OP: $39   WIP: $9.00
3. I bought it at it's original price $16.00

Old Navy Left - Right
1. Original Price (OP): $39.98  What I Paid (WIP): $10.97
2. OP: $34.98   WIP: $14.99
3. OP: $36.94   WIP: $11.49

New in Mawusi (Shop)

From Mawusi

Shoes I crave

Clark's got somethings I want! Aren't they lovely. If only I can have, like, one...or all three O_O !




Oh I love it! So far.  I'm not that crazy about musicals but I still watch Glee. Won't it be cool if your life always had music playing for all your emotions... When I walk about with my huge headphones wrapped eagerly around my ears, I do feel as if the albums I'm listening to  were written just for me -- oh this thing with my ego.

Now that I work most nights and I won't be able to see a play or show whenever a free ticket pop up (I am missing Once the musical tonight :( soooo sad), I can enjoy Smash at home. I may get bored soon, but for now I love the singing. And the story's a bit familiar, but definitely love the drama, and I do love Theresa Rebeck, remember Seminar?! (I wrote a little review on it here

Sorry if you thought this was a review. It's not, it's just me thinking out loud! Now I tell you >:) !!

Broadway Review: Look Back In Anger

It's really past time I did a review of this play. I saw it on January 18th at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theater.  The setting of Look Back In Anger is The Porters' one-room flat in the Midlands, on consecutive Sundays. The Porters are Jimmy and Alison; played by Matthew Rhys and Sarah Goldberg. Their friends are Clive, played by Adam Driver, and Helena, played by Charlotte Parry.  The play is really sad. It made me think of people on crack.
Jimmy is steaming angry and he never stops whining. Some of his favorite stream of words are jabs at his wife's upper-class background and at their friend and room-mate, Clive, about his lack of sophistication. Alison is almost mute, she pretends to be immune to Jimmy's abuses but when he intentionally burn her arm with an iron, the pain is raw in her grief. Jimmy and Alison's relationship is more dangerous than their dirty apartment with it's assortment of rotten vegetables, and disgusting stains. Wait un…

Normal Because I'm Weird

If you think you are sane, think again. There will always be someone who thinks you don't add up properly.  So why not let go?  There are several reasons why I believe I am absolutely mad and just one reason why I know that I'm really alright.

1. When I need to think, I shove my legs straight into the air, support my head with my palms and sleep on my back. Sometimes I doze off in this position.

2. I laugh out loud in public places, alone. Imagine seeing someone walking and laughing alone. That's me.

3. I talk to myself ALL the time. And the sad thing is I have stopped apologizing and being defensive about it.

4. I am 25 and I still skip. I love skipping and giggling at the same time. It's just too fun to give up. Someday old age will take it away, but as long as I can do it, I'll.

5. I am very friendly, but I like spending a lot of time a lone. Maybe it's because I am tired of all those people who refuse to leave me be, and are constantly trying to "help…